CompuMed study demonstrates increased efficiency of DICOM OsteoGram over standard x-ray-based version

Los Angeles 14 June 2005CompuMed Inc., a medical informatics company serving the health care community with diagnostic software solutions, has presented results of a clinical study comparing its digital x-ray OsteoGram against its standard film x-ray OsteoGram. The results affirm that the digital version assesses Bone Mineral Density (BMD) more efficiently than the standard x-ray version, with comparable reliability and image quality.


The results of the study were presented by CompuMed Vice President of Technology, Xiaoli Bi, at the recent 2005 Annual Meeting of the Society for Computer Applications in Radiology (SCAR) in Orlando, Florida. The study was titled, "A CAD Bone Mineral Density Assessment Application for DICOM (Digital Communications and Imaging in Medicine) Compliant Platforms".

"We were honoured to be invited to present OsteoGram data at one of the world's premiere radiology conferences", stated Jerry McLaughlin, president and CEO of CompuMed. "This event was an ideal venue to present our data, given that SCAR is one of the largest gatherings of clinicians and industry participants focused on advanced computer applications in medical imaging."

The study's DICOM BMD results were found to correlate highly with the standard film-based system, which has been used successfully for nearly 10 years to diagnose osteoporosis for more than 140.000 patients worldwide. Over that time, the film-based OsteoGram has developed a reputation as an accurate, low-cost bone density test. The newer DICOM OsteoGram uses a digital image derived from filmless x-ray equipment to enable clinicians to perform accurate and precise osteoporosis testing. As a result, the DICOM OsteoGram can provide a similar result as a standard x-ray, but more quickly and at a lower cost.

"The results of the study demonstrate that the more efficient DICOM OsteoGram performs reliable Bone Mineral Density assessment", added Jerry McLaughlin. "The expanding global market for digital x-ray equipment provides many exciting opportunities to bundle CompuMed's software-based system with rapidly proliferating DICOM imaging platforms."

CompuMed initiated shipments of the DICOM-based OsteoGram software to the global market in 2004. The system was jointly launched with a Computed Radiography platform by Orex in Yokneam, Israel, a global expert in filmless medical imaging equipment. Orex was recently acquired by Kodak's Health Group.

Osteoporosis affects more than 200 million people worldwide. Many are not aware they have the disease until they experience a bone fracture. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, 20-40 percent of women will experience a fracture due to osteoporosis during their lifetime. New studies also indicate that the prevalence of osteoporosis among men is higher than previously thought, with about 20 percent affected.

The Society for Computer Applications in Radiology (SCAR) is devoted to advance computer applications and information technology in medical imaging through education and research. A fundamental role of SCAR is to bridge the gap between engineers and scientists who develop the systems and radiologists and technologists who use them. SCAR provides an open environment for imaging information professionals to access expert and cutting edge resources in a collegial and practical atmosphere. Membership in SCAR is open to anyone with an interest in this vital and growing field.

Founded in 1973, CompuMed Inc. is a provider of computer-aided telemedicine and diagnostics technology. The company's core products are the OsteoGram and CardioGram systems. The OsteoGram, which is cleared by the FDA for commercial use, is an accurate and precise technology for low-cost osteoporosis testing. The CardioGram system remotely interprets electrocardiograms and is used by private practice, government and corporate health care providers nationwide. More CompuMed news is available in the VMW August 2004 article CompuMed expands global distribution of OsteoGram and releases computed radiography system with integrated osteoperosis diagnostics.

Leslie Versweyveld

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