Enhanced Misys Radiology brings enterprise efficiency benefits to diagnostic imaging operations

Raleigh 20 June 2005Misys Healthcare Systems, a provider of health care information technology solutions, has made available Misys Radiology 4.3, an enhanced version of its market-proven radiology information system. Approximately 185 hospitals, integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and imaging centres worldwide use Misys Radiology to automate and manage their patient information and digital imaging needs.


The launch of the new Misys RIS release represents the culmination of an aggressive development plan to improve patient care and overall time management, work flow and system performance within the diagnostic imaging department.

New software refinements include:

  • Enhanced turnaround time report.
  • Multi-facility enhancements promoting data exchange between inpatient and outpatient sites.
  • Two-way messaging between transcriptionists and radiologists using electronic notes.
  • Instant notification of duplicate and sequencing errors via rules for incorrectly delivered exam orders and schedules.
  • Better manageability of patient tracking and pending orders.

Two large IDNs - Sutter Health in Sacramento, California, and Covenant Health System in Lubbock, Texas - are the first sites to attain new levels of operational performance using the enhanced RIS application. Sutter Health is one of the nation's leading not-for-profit networks of community-based health care providers, delivering high-quality care in more than 100 Northern California communities. The organisation has 18 affiliated hospitals and outpatient clinics operating Misys Radiology and processing more than a million diagnostic examinations annually.

According to Fred Gardner, radiology product manager at Sutter Health, the newly enhanced single system has improved functionality for meeting inpatient and ambulatory site-specific RIS needs such as exam tracking and faster report generation. "Our combination of hospital and ambulatory facilities use vastly different RIS work flows", explained Fred Gardner. "The new version's multi-functional customizations work in both settings. Outpatient clinics, for example, can order diagnostic exams using the enhanced scheduling module."

Furthermore, Misys RIS enterprise-wide enhancements are keeping account of patient exams. "We can search the RIS database to track an examination's status quickly in either the hospital or clinic", noted Fred Gardner. "An outpatient radiologist might want to go back a year to review exams, whereas a hospital clinician usually pulls up an image taken within a few days."

Covenant Health System is the largest health care institution in the WestTexas and Eastern New Mexico region with 1338 licensed beds. About 150 Covenant employees use Misys Radiology in conjunction with other information systems for exam ordering, scheduling, patient tracking and statistical reporting.

"We enjoy being at the forefront helping Misys develop software that adds value to radiology", stated Lesley Brooks, manager of clinical information systems at Covenant Health System. "Being a beta tester enabled us to give direct input into development and influence user recommendations and process improvements."

The navigational layouts of the new release's enhanced patient tracking screens are affecting better work flow including fewer keystrokes. "Any modification that reduces keystrokes when entering orders is a benefit when you have to touch 210.000 diagnostic exams annually", stated Lesley Brooks.

"Misys Radiology 4.3 demonstrates Misys' continued focus to assist our customers improve acute care health care delivery", stated Dave Jones, B.S., R.T. (R), senior product manager of radiology applications at Misys Healthcare Systems.

Misys Healthcare Systems develops and supports reliable, easy-to-use software and services of exceptional quality that enable physicians and caregivers to more easily manage the complexities of health care. With 25 years of industry experience, Misys currently serves more than 92.000 physicians in 18.000 practice locations, 1250 hospitals, 600 home care providers and hundreds of commercial laboratories, clinics, managed services and other related organisations.

Misys' family of clinical products and Web-based technologies - Misys Optimum solutions - are designed from the ground up to share patient data across all medical care settings. Misys Optimum connects community-based physicians and caregivers to the acute care enterprise, enabling increased efficiencies, better decision-making and improved hospital-physician relations. More company information is available in the VMW May 2005 article University of South Alabama Health System purchases $1,2 million Misys Laboratory Suite.

Leslie Versweyveld

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