Global Med Technologies to install SafeTrace and SafeTrace Tx throughout Nigeria

Denver 29 June 2005Wyndgate Technologies, a division of Global Med Technologies Inc., has signed a nationwide contract with Nigeria for its SafeTrace donor management system and SafeTrace Tx advanced transfusion management system. Nigeria is the largest country by population in Africa, with approximately 130 million people. Terms of the contract were not disclosed.


Global Med will be working very closely with Safe Blood for Africa Foundation (SBFA) as SBFA establishes, upgrades and operates the Nigeria National Blood Transfusion Service in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health. The agreement will provide for the installation of Global Med's blood bank information systems in each blood centre operated by Safe Blood for Africa Foundation.

Stephen Field, M.D., Medical Director for Safe Blood for Africa Foundation, stated: "Blood centres in underdeveloped countries face challenges beyond those in technologically-advanced countries. Blood shortages are a concern and the blood supply is at risk of possible contamination with blood-borne diseases, such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, etc."

Dr. Field continued: "Replacing Nigeria's blood centres' manual processes and manual records with automated solutions can help to manage Nigeria's donor testing and help to ensure the safe release of blood and blood products for transfusion. About six additional centres are interested in installing Global Med Technologies this year alone. Global Med was our first choice in world-wide blood donor and hospital transfusion information systems."

Will Willman, Senior Vice President of International Business Development, stated: "Based on the success of the installation of SafeTrace in Abuja, Nigeria, many other centres in Nigeria were very eager for a similar information system solution. The use of readily available satellite technology enables a robust solution in the technologically challenged African environment."

Mr. Willman added: "This nationwide contract and implementation of Global Med's donor and hospital transfusion systems via satellite throughout the country of Nigeria is an indication of Global Med's ability to provide its software to entire countries, not only in Africa, but throughout the world. In addition, the quality of our products and the competency of our employees provide the foundation for future installations in international markets. The international market affords a $500+ million dollar opportunity for Global Med."

Global Med Technologies Inc. is an international e-Health, medical information technology company, providing information management software products and services to the health care industry. Its Wyndgate Technologies division is a supplier of information management systems to United States and international blood centres and hospital transfusion centres.

Current clients of Wyndgate's products and services manage more than 3 million units of blood, or over 22 percent of the United States blood supply, each year. Wyndgate's products are also being implemented in Canada, the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. Together, the SafeTrace donor management system and the SafeTrace Tx advanced transfusion management system provide Vein-to-Vein tracking from donor collection to patient transfusion. More company news is available in the VMW May 2004 article Global Med Technologies prepares for first sub-Saharan African software installation.

Leslie Versweyveld

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