Zix Corporation and eClinicalWorks form strategic alliance to provide interoperability for clinical information and e-prescribing systems

Dallas 25 July 2005Zix Corporation, a global provider of secure e-messaging, e-prescribing, and e-transaction applications and services, and eClinicalWorks, a provider of integrated end-to-end electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management systems (PMS), have signed a strategic alliance that will include an interface to enable bidirectional data exchange utilizing industry standards and an integration of applications. The two companies will also co-market and support each other's sales efforts in strategic physician and payer opportunities.


The alliance will enable interoperability between ZixCorp's PocketScript e-prescribing application and eClinicalWorks' clinical information systems. This joint approach will provide the ambulatory care community with a convenient and cost-effective method to convert from paper-based offices to a fully digitized medical practice.

Once in effect, physicians will have the choice to initially select the PocketScript e-prescribing application and upgrade to eClinicalWorks' EMR/PMS systems. Current eClinicalWorks users will have the benefit of enhanced electronic prescription features powered by PocketScript.

"As both companies already have numerous customers in common, this collaboration is a natural extension of our commitment to quality service in the health care market", stated Rick Spurr, chief executive officer for ZixCorp. "This is a testament to the importance and heightened attention of electronic records in general and e-prescribing specifically, given the surge of recent government activity to spearhead information technology in health care. The alliance will also help reduce medical errors and duplication of service."

The strategic alliance delivers the immediate values of e-prescribing and helps physicians move to automated medical practices with full EMR capability incrementally. By working together, the companies will provide physicians with a choice of integrated offerings and expect to improve the electronic adoption rate.

The Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL) projects that nationwide adoption of electronic prescribing would save $27 billion a year, primarily as a result of decreased spending on prescription drugs. CITL also reports that studies in ambulatory care settings estimate that Electronic Health Records (EHRs) could save $112 billion per year, 7,5 percent of health care spending), including $34 billion annually for in-office reduction and $78 billion annually from interoperability of those EHRs.

"This alliance will help strengthen the offerings of both our companies", stated Girish Kumar, founder and vice president of sales/marketing for eClinicalWorks. "By giving our current and future customers a broader choice we can help expand our partnership strategy to create a health care community that uses co-operation and interoperability among vendors for comprehensive, easy-to-use electronic solutions. We look forward to working closely with ZixCorp to continue to provide high-level customer service and create an offering that physicians can appreciate and use."

Physician adoption of electronic office systems helps improve patient care, reduce medical errors, and cut costs through reduction of duplicate services by streamlining the care delivery process. Adoption is increased when vendors work together to provide interoperable solutions that provide better convenience and efficiency.

"As a user of both products, I see this partnership as a great match. As a three-year ZixCorp PocketScript user and one-year eClinicalWorks user, I have extensive experience with both products and find them highly useful", stated Dr. Andrew Baumel of Framingham Pediatrics. "ZixCorp's ability to complement and expand upon eClinicalWorks' EMR with its extensive formulary data will result in an even stronger solution."

Founded in 1997, eClinicalWorks is a provider of unified ambulatory clinical information systems. The company's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) solutions, ideal for multi-speciality and multi-location practice networks, are designed to streamline a practice's front-, mid- and back-office operations to ensure superior patient care. eClinicalWorks has an established United States customer base of over 3000 medical providers, covering 50 specialities across all 50 states.

Zix Corporation provides easy-to-use-and-deploy e-communication services that protect, manage, and deliver sensitive information to enterprises and consumers in health care, finance, insurance, and government. ZixCorp's eSecure services enable policy-driven e-mail encryption, content filtering and send-to-anyone capability while its eHealth services improve patient care, reduce costs, and improve efficiency through e-prescribing and e-lab solutions. More company news is available in the VMW June 2005 article Zix debuts PocketScript Version 5.52 including electronic connectivity to pharmacies.

Leslie Versweyveld

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