Neurology clinic of UCSF Medical Center manages client charts with FileTrail's technology

San Jose 30 June 2005The neurology clinic of the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) is yet another clinic to save time and money tracking its clients' charts by using FileTrail's chart management solutions. FileTrail Inc. is a supplier of Enterprise Records and Information Management (ERIM) solutions software that helps clinics track and manage patient medical records.


The neurology clinic has about fifteen thousand charts for its neurology and epilepsy patients. As one of the top five hospitals in the United States in neurology and neurosurgery, the UCSF Medical Center has a responsibility to its patients to keep track of their charts. The fact that the medical centre also has the largest brain tumour treatment programme in the nation and is one of California's largest cerebrovascular surgery programmes makes the centre's management of clients' charts all the more important.

Before using FileTrail's file management solutions, the neurology clinic of the UCSF Medical Center used an inefficient and time-consuming technique for locating charts that entailed labeling all charts with the first three letters of the patient's last name. Physicians were supposed to return patient charts to the file room after using them, but sometimes they forgot to do so. This resulted in missing charts and lost time from trying to recover them.

"It was a matter of e-mailing or calling around, and we would narrow it down and find the chart", stated Wes Watson, a staff member of the neurology clinic. "It might take a day or two to find a missing chart."

In September 2003, the neurology clinic of the UCSF Medical Center decided to simplify its chart management by using FileTrail's technology. "Our staff, including several of our neurosurgeons, sat through presentations of tracking software from our existing system vendors and several others companies we found on the Internet", stated Wes Watson. "We were most impressed with FileTrail because they have focused on chart tracking and have built in so many ways to save time and help locate charts."

FileTrail's colour coding and bar coding solutions solved the neurology clinic's problem of inefficiently labeling and tracking files. FileTrail's colour coding solution entails the automated printing of colour codes, a bar code, and text on a single label. Each chart is bar coded with a different number and is entered into the database for simple and immediate tracking. By using FileTrail, all staff members at the neurology clinic are able to easily search, locate, and request the charts. Missing charts are no longer an issue at the neurology clinic because of FileTrail's tracking.

FileTrail's technology also helps the neurology clinic of the UCSF Medical Center by creating labels for results of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), a scanning technology which creates a visual picture of internal body structures.

FileTrail's software is integrated into the clinic's IDX system so that it can access patient and appointment information in order to create a list of charts that staff and physicians will need to pull for a given day. FileTrail's MyCalendar screen organizes physicians' work schedules according to the appointments that they have on a given day, ensuring that charts are always ready on time and that physicians know what to expect.

"Transitioning to FileTrail was a good move for the clinic", Wes Watson stated. "The system is not only user-friendly and convenient, but gives everyone a more organized and effective way to handle files. FileTrail improved the efficiency of file handling by seventy-five to eighty percent. Now the staff and physicians are able to devote more of their time to the issues at hand."

FileTrail Inc. is a provider of Enterprise Records and Information Management (ERIM) software for tracking and managing records. It offers RFID, bar coding, and colour coding systems to firms that need help with managing their files. Companies that use FileTrail's technology are able to automate their records handling, automate their manual tasks, streamline their processes across the organisation, and leverage existing ERP and mission system investments to eliminate data entry and replicate existing data standards. FileTrail's technology allows companies to improve processing efficiency, reduce back office operating costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and improve staff member service.

Leslie Versweyveld

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