Trestle's Xcellerator services offering selected by Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education for Dermatopathology update course

Irvine 30 June 2005Trestle's Xcellerator services offering has been selected for use at an upcoming Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education course. The event, "Dermatopathology Update with Mini-symposium on Mucosal Pathology and Hands on Slide Seminar on Adnexal Tumours", will be attended by practising pathologists, dermatopathologists and dermatologists from all over the world. It is to be held September 15-17, 2005, at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts.


Course organizers expect Trestle's Web-based services to make it possible for on-site course attendees - and even those who cannot attend the course in person - to preview interesting pathology cases, originating from various countries, via the Internet. The course faculty has selected each case.

Trestle's Xcellerator services offering complements the company's work flow software applications to provide a managed, on-line data-mining and virtual microscopy slide image acquisition and viewing service designed for pathology laboratories. It is targeted at pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care organisations, as well as for use in research settings, and medical and veterinary schools.

Xcellerator work flow software applications work in conjunction with Trestle's managed services to address a key challenge associated with hosting seminars of this type, and with pathology education in general: the risk and cost associated with providing physical access to glass slides of rare or irreplaceable tissue. Unlike high-resolution digital images, glass slides can easily be damaged during handling or transport, and can be viewed by only one person at the same time.

"Trestle's digital slide system will provide our students with unlimited time to preview dozens of high-resolution slides before the event has even begun - from their office or home. This technology allows pathologists scattered all over the world to compare their diagnoses with those of world experts with just a few clicks", stated Artur Zembowicz, M.D., Ph.D., a dermatopathologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and assistant professor of pathology at the Harvard Medical School.

Xcellerator work flow applications and services are designed to address the efforts of clinical laboratories and drug-development organisations to reduce the time and cost associated with processing and analysing tissue slides, normally viewed under a standard microscope. Additionally, the proprietary data-mining functions offered by the system's digital archival functions can enable work flow enhancements such as rapid side-by-side comparisons, access to digital archives, and support for computer-assisted analysis.

"We are seeing adoption of our remote microscopy systems across many health care, research and teaching establishments. It is very encouraging that a prestigious school such as the Harvard Medical School is taking advantage of the efficiencies offered by our service bureau", stated Maurizio Vecchione, CEO of Trestle Holdings Inc. "Collaboration and peer review are key aspects of international seminars, and we expect the Trestle system to facilitate improved expert review and discussion."

Trestle Holdings Inc. is a supplier of digital imaging systems and services for pathology, drug safety and discovery. The company's products link dispersed users with each other, information databases, and analytical tools. This improved integration drives cost savings and process efficiencies, enables improved pre-clinical and clinical phases of research and development for new drugs, and enhances patient care.

Trestle's digital imaging products have the potential to transform the pathologist work environment by capturing digital images of tissue samples and enabling the sharing, archiving, and analysis of these images. The company's live microscopy products allow multiple physicians and scientists to remotely view, navigate, and share high-fidelity microscope images at sub-micron resolution over standard Internet connections, in real time.

The company's slide-scanning and imaging products perform high-speed, whole-glass slide digitization for virtual microscopy applications. Trestle's slide-scanning products facilitate image analysis, data management, digital work flow, and data association applications for clinical and research customers.

Telemedicine enables the remote delivery of patient care using integrated health information systems and telecommunications technologies. Trestle's integrated telemedicine products allow scientists, physicians and other medical professionals around the world to service more patients. Trestle's telemedicine products use proprietary software and standard computer and medical hardware to facilitate remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment. More news on Trestle can be found in the VMW June 2005 article Trestle Holdings releases Xcellerator suite of pathology work flow applications.

Information on the "Dermatopathology Update with Mini-symposium on Mucosal Pathology and Hands on Slide Seminar on Adnexal Tumours" event is available at the Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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