ORTHOsoft awarded grant for Orthopaedic Training Centre

Montréal 12 August 2005ORTHOsoft Inc., an international computer assisted orthopaedic surgery company that develops and markets software, instruments and systems to increase the accuracy of knee, hip and spine implants, has received significant funding from the Québec government in an alliance to establish an international Orthopaedic Surgery Navigation Training Centre in Montréal. ORTHOsoft will collaborate with the orthopaedic team at the University of Montréal affiliated hospital of Maisonneuve-Rosemont to install state-of-the-art medical navigation equipment at the Centre and provide certified medical training for orthopaedic implant surgeons from the United States, Canada and worldwide.


"We continue to meet our goal to provide patients with the most advanced medical treatments available", commented Dr. Marc Isler, Chief of Orthopaedics at Maisonneuve hospital. "We are pleased to work with ORTHOsoft to establish the Orthopaedic Surgery Navigation Training Centre. This coincides with the opening of new patient facilities and the addition of advanced telecommunications systems at the hospital", he added.

The Training Centre at Maisonneuve hospital will provide intensive training seminars and sponsor an annual Canadian Orthopaedic Masters live surgery broadcast for surgeons using knee, hip and spine implants from all major manufacturers.

"Orthopaedic navigation systems that improve the accuracy of knee, hip and spine implant alignment enable minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and allow us to be better surgeons, and have better patient results", stated ORTHOsoft's CEO and orthopaedic surgeon at Maisonneuve, Dr. Louis-Philippe Amiot. Dr. Amiot recently performed the first navigated MIS spinal surgery in Canada. "Navigating implant surgery is expanding rapidly in the United States and Europe and we are pleased to establish at Maisonneuve hospital the first Orthopaedic Surgery Navigation Training Centre in Canada to benefit more surgeons and patients."

ORTHOsoft Inc. develops and markets best-in-class medical software, instruments, and computerized systems to assist orthopaedic surgeons to increase accuracy in hip, knee, and spine implant surgery. FDA approved, ORTHOsoft's patented software solutions are developed by surgeons for surgeons, resulting in intuitive and easy to use navigation that tracks surgical flow and provides surgeons with real-time data that improves the surgical process and patient outcomes. To date, ORTHOsoft's software applications have navigated more than 25.000 surgical procedures in Europe and North America. More company news is available in the VMW February 2005 article Tampa-area now home to ORTHOsoft's latest Navitrack joint replacement technology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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