Innovative hospitals offer amenities enabling patients and visitors to stay connected to their regular daily lives

San Diego 04 August 2005Many cutting-edge hospital rooms are equipped with interactive patient communication and entertainment technology, greatly transforming the typical hospital experience. Patient satisfaction and an environment that encourages healing have become essential elements in most hospital administrators' core vision. Scores of patient rooms are equipped with in-room media centres providing key hospital information, health education videos, satisfaction surveys, room service dining menus, and digital entertainment and communication options designed to enhance the patient experience. In keeping with their updated vision, hospitals are also encouraging visitors to stay longer and furnishing patient rooms for family members' comfort. And now, innovative hospitals are adding to the list of visitor amenities by providing high-speed Internet connection ports.


San Diego-based Skylight Healthcare Systems, an expert in in-room communication technology, offers hospitals the Skylight ACCESS Interactive Patient System, formerly called GetWellTV, transforming patient rooms with multi-media centres, personalizing the hospital stay and making patients more comfortable. Now, through Skylight Healthcare's relationship with IP3 Networks, hospitals can also choose to provide an additional, separate Family Port for Internet connection of lap-top computers in patient rooms.

By leveraging Skylight Healthcare's installation process, hospitals can take advantage of affordable, independent high-speed Internet ports in patient rooms and other waiting or common areas. Such amenities enable patients and visitors to stay connected to their regular daily lives, decreasing the feeling of isolation and lack of control frequently experienced during a typical hospital stay. And the application allows for a custom hospital-created Welcome Page, furthering reinforcement of their brand and commitment to patient satisfaction. The option to provide complimentary access or pay-per-use billing is at the hospital's discretion.

"These vibrant applications by Skylight Healthcare Systems and IP3 Networks provide an enhanced experience for all patients and visitors", stated Dave Schofield, CEO, Skylight Healthcare Systems. "Many hospitals believe this will ultimately lead to better medical outcomes, new levels of customer satisfaction and maximize bottom-line profits."

The Family Port is deployed using IP3 Networks' NetAccess broadband access gateway that provides user-friendly, Web-based authentication for secure access. With Skylight Healthcare and IP3 Networks, hospital patients and visitors are provided easy, fast, secure and reliable access to the Internet, e-mail and corporate virtual private networks (VPNs) with zero end-user configuration. Backed by a high-speed, broadband connection to the Internet, the system handles multiple simultaneous users, and most importantly, remains completely independent of the hospital's network.

"Partnering with a leader such as Skylight Healthcare Systems perfectly complements our strategic mission as we continue to create reliable, secure and easy-to-support products", stated Steve Rizzone, CEO, IP3 Networks. "Our products work seamlessly with Skylight's ACCESS system and we are confident that our on-demand broadband access will become an industry standard."

Skylight Healthcare Systems is the fastest growing interactive patient system provider in the nation. The company focuses on products and services that create operational efficiencies and improve patient satisfaction and productivity. Skylight's ACCESS Interactive Patient System, formerly called GetWellTV, is an interactive patient room communication, education and entertainment network designed to provide an efficient platform for communication hospital information, automating guest service requests, and recreating the comforts of home with hotel-like amenities.

The ACCESS system's administrative hospital services include health education on demand; real-time patient survey applications; interactive, two-way communications; dietary menu services and more. State-of-the-art digital entertainment and communication services include feature film rentals, premium cable TV, music, high-speed Internet, e-mail access and interactive games.

IP3 Networks Inc. is a provider of full-featured subscriber management products for wireless and wireline networks. IP3's NetAccess family of access control and billing gateways provides highly customizable provisioning, authentication and network security services that enable hospitality properties, public venues, service providers and enterprises to manage and control both public and private broadband services. Based in San Diego, with sales and technical support offices in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, IP3 is a privately held corporation, with venture funding from Sequoia Capital and Garage Technology Ventures.

Leslie Versweyveld

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