Bridgetech partners with Chinese University of Hong Kong, United Premier Medical Group and Biofield

Solana Beach 08 August 2005Bridgetech Holdings International Inc., a company focused on maximizing the potential of emerging health care products and services in the United States and Asian markets, has established a partnership with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for conducting clinical trials in Hong Kong and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). In partnership with United Premier Medical Group (UPMG) Bridgetech is also introducing additional women's health products and services through UPMG's VIP Obstetric and Gynaecology Centres in China. Together with Biofield Corporation, Bridgetech is to begin testing, marketing and distributing the Biofield Breast Proliferation Detection System (BDS) in the People's Republic of China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PRC, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Vietnam, and Singapore.


CUHK will collaborate with Bridgetech on conducting clinical trials for the purpose of obtaining regulatory approval for certain therapies and investigating potential additional modalities.

"Bridgetech is honoured to enter into this relationship with an organisation as prestigious as the Chinese University of Hong Kong", stated Michael Chermak, President and CEO of Bridgetech. "CUHK's Centre for Clinical Trials (CCT) is one of the leading clinical trials departments in all of Asia and will be a very valuable business partner for Bridgetech. CUHK is currently one of only two facilities in Asia whose clinical trials research is approved for use by both the FDA and imminently by the SFDA. Their collaboration with our CRO will be invaluable to us as we seek regulatory approval for our drugs and devices in Asia. This relationship will also facilitate additional research on Traditional Chinese Medicines flowing back through leading research institutions in the United States."

Dr. Benny Zee, Director, Centre for Clinical Trials at CUHK, stated: "We are very pleased to be co-operating with Bridgetech on their efforts in China. The opportunity to help bring to our patients some of the most advanced therapies being developed anywhere in the world is very appealing to us. We have key strategic relationships with academic medical centres throughout the PRC which will be instrumental in getting approval for these new therapies. We also look forward to assisting in the transition of some of these advanced therapies into additional modalities, which will increase the number of patients that can benefit from these scientific advancements."

CUHK is acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally as a first-class comprehensive research university whose bilingual and multicultural dimensions of student education, scholarly output and contribution to the community consistently meet standards of excellence. They assist in the preservation, creation, application and dissemination of knowledge by teaching, research and public service in a comprehensive range of disciplines, thereby serving the needs and enhancing the well-being of the citizens of Hong Kong, China as a whole, and the wider world community.

"Securing the relationship with UPMG is key for Bridgetech because it furthers our efforts in women's health and immediately establishes a footprint for us in a number of the major cities in China", stated Michael Chermak. "UPMG, in consultation with Johns Hopkins International, has opened five state-of-the-art women's health care facilities in the leading hospitals in some of the largest cities in China. Working with the best group of speciality health centres increases our traction in China and allows us to grow with UPMG as they continue to expand throughout mainland China."

Robert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of UPMG, stated: "We are very pleased to be partnering with Bridgetech. We are dedicated to providing the best, most advanced care to our patients and the opportunity to secure additional technologies through this relationship is very appealing to us. We have 5 VIP Centres now, 2 more opening in the next 45 days and will be up to 20 Centres within the next 24 months. We will continue to move aggressively to ensure access to the most advanced treatment options and look forward to all of the new products that Bridgetech will make available to us as we grow."

UPMG, headquartered in Hong Kong, builds and operates VIP Obstetrics and Gynaecology Centres throughout mainland China. UPMG, in consultation with Johns Hopkins International, selects the premier hospitals in the major metropolitan areas of China to establish its Centres. UPMG provides premium obstetrics and gynaecology services currently and will develop speciality health centres and other health care services in the future.

"We are very pleased to join forces with Biofield in the fight against breast cancer", stated Michael Chermak. "BDS is a leap forward in detection and will be an invaluable tool in the widespread screening of this terrible disease. It is uniquely suited for Asian women and should be much more effective in detection than existing exams. This partnership is a vital addition as we continue to expand our relationships in the area of women's health."

David M. Long, Jr. M.D., Ph.D. Chairman and CEO of Biofield Corporation, stated: "We feel we have found the right strategic partner to distribute and market our product in China and other Asian Countries where we are not already positioned. The prevalence of breast cancer is growing rapidly in Asian countries as Western life styles and urban living are adopted. It is most disconcerting to learn that the prevalence is high in young women with aggressive cancers. The Bridgetech CRO, established in conjunction with John's Hopkins International, is the ideal location to initiate clinical trials in order to obtain SFDA approval for our system. Biofield feels this is a great opportunity for application of our innovative, revolutionary technology for saving women's lives."

Biofield Corporation, a medical device technology company, has developed a non-invasive system to deliver objective results that may be helpful in the early detection of epithelial abnormalities, including abnormal proliferation or growth activities in breast tissues. The use of Biofield's Breast Proliferation Detection System (BDS) may distinguish those lesions likely to progress and cause significant disease. The BDS may reduce physician and patient uncertainty as well as decrease the number of diagnostic procedures performed on suspicious breast lesions.

Bridgetech is leveraging its extensive network of relationships in China and the United States to capitalize on proprietary opportunities in high growth segments of the health care industry. Bridgetech is expanding its United States operations by adding products and services that have the highest probability for incremental success in China. In addition to the China health care market, Bridgetech is focusing on the areas of medical imaging and non-invasive surgery, nurse recruitment and training, and health care facility RFID solutions. More Bridgetech news can be found in the VMW August 2005 article Bridgetech acquires exclusive distribution rights for PalTrack Asset Tracking technology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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