VEPRO has published its PACS market share in Germany for the first time

Pfungstadt 05 August 2005On the occasion of the Fifth PACS-Meeting in Schlangenbad, Germany, held from 21st until 23rd July 2005, VEPRO AG issued publicly traceable numbers of distribution of PACS installations in Germany. According to the market analysis VEPRO AG is positioned as a market leader in the clinical segment as of April 1, 2005.


According to VEPRO's own consultations 520 hospitals in Germany have PACS installed. Besides Enterprise Wide Solutions which involve the entire hospital with all the important medical departments, the PACS department solutions for Radiology and Cardiology have also been taken into account, as well as isolated applications and Mini-PACS, which offer archive and diagnosis possibilities only for a group of modalities. With this comprehensive market analysis it was possible for the first time to achieve transparency into the many speculative statements of the market which is provable by concrete numbers including manufacturer name, customer and location.

As a result of the analysis, 22 percent of the hospitals in Germany have invested in a PACS solution. VEPRO noticed thereby that in larger hospitals several PACS solutions from different manufacturers are installed: for example PACS for Radiology and PACS for Cardiology. VEPRO AG holds the number 1 position with 101 installations and a market share of 20 percent in Germany before Siemens and Image Devices.

"We knew before the market analysis that we would be on top with our number of installations", Chief Executive Officer of VEPRO AG, Harald Roth, commented. "But it still has surprised us and we are pleased about our position as market leader based on this market analysis in the clinic section of Germany."

Remarkable was that 20 percent of the interviewed hospitals were not willing to mention the manufacturer of their PACS System. After resolving these numbers - other manufacturers have been credited those installations proportioned to their account - installations have been distributed as follows: 20 percent VEPRO AG, 15 percent Siemens, 12 percent Image Devices, 9 percent Philips, 8 percent GE, 7 percent GWI, 7 percent AGFA, 5 percent Kodak, 3 percent Innovit, 15 percent of the remaining 85 installations have been distributed among 21 further companies which have an average market share of 4 installations.

As a result of the market research, only 10 percent of all PACS installations were installed as Clinic Wide Enterprise Solutions and 60 percent as Departmental Solutions. In summary since only partial solutions are installed in Germany's hospitals, this means there is still a substantial need for upgrade or re-fitting.

More news about VEPRO is available in the VMW April 2005 article Already fifth Helios clinical centre in Germany decides to select VEPRO IT-solution.

Leslie Versweyveld

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