ALR Technologies reaches product development milestones with their disease management home monitoring system

Winston-Salem 31 August 2005ALR Technologies Inc. has reached significant milestones in development of their disease management home monitoring system. The company reports the pilot programme for the monitoring system will commence in September 2005. The company is also moving forward on their plans to add diagnostic monitoring to their home monitoring system. This will enable medical personnel or other caregivers to remotely monitor on a daily basis such key data as blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate and use of nebulizer compressors.


ALR Tech's PC500 Disease Management Reminder Product has been in trial usage, and now with the addition of the monitoring system the benefit to patients and health care providers is extended. The PC500 reminder product helps people to be compliant with medication or treatment regimens, and the monitoring system allows medical service providers to monitor the patient's compliance with these regimens. This "real time" identification of non-compliance allows for timely intervention when deemed necessary.

ALR, which plans to begin shipping commercial product in late first quarter of 2006, will manage initial supply and manufacturing by first targeting patient population groups: specifically chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), mental disorders (schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar), organ transplantation and HIV/AIDS.

Sidney Chan, Chairman and Chief Executive of ALR, stated: "Without compliance the patient does not receive the intended benefit of treatments and medications, and millions of people are non-compliant with disease management activities. The health insurance industry is now recognizing the opportunity to better manage patient outcome and health care costs with enhanced compliance. Given our development progress and ongoing discussions and negotiations with prospective customers, we are optimistic about our sales and earnings projections for 2006."

ALR, an expert in disease management compliance and telehealth, has designed and manufactures compliance reminder products and compliance home-monitoring and intervention systems to meet the needs for several targeted user groups. Compliance reminder products are now in use by patients taking medications or treatments for conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, Parkinson, diabetes, organ transplant, depression, anxiety, asthma, glaucoma and more.

Leslie Versweyveld

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