Delphi Medical Systems offers cost-effective electronic medical record software

Troy 25 August 2005Delphi Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Delphi Corporation, is launching the easy-to-use PocketChart electronic medical record (EMR) software and personal data assistant (PDA) at a breakthrough price of $1495. Physicians and other health care workers can now enter and access their patients' medical record data with a few taps of a pen on customizable menus or pick-lists. That means paperless, cost-effective immediate access to information on a patient, like medication allergies, test results, previous surgeries, and other medical concerns, all at the fingertips of a physician or other health care worker.


"There is no need to wait for user-friendly EMR software - it is here today", stated Christophe Sevrain, Delphi Medical Systems managing director. "We want to show the medical community that we can provide them with affordable, quality products that will help them reduce the cost of providing health care. PocketChart is one way to help address these rising costs, by giving doctors and nurses a more efficient way to access and record patient information."

The announcement comes on the heels of Medicare offering its current EMR software to physicians nationwide for $2700. At less than $1500, the Delphi PocketChart software can be easily installed on the included PDA, or downloaded on to other PDA units. The software also works on PCs and laptops. This allows users to enter, update, and access records on the fly, in real time, any time, anywhere.

There are even optional specialized add-ons available for specialities such as Psychiatry, Trauma, and Surgery, and updates to the software are free for the first three years. The software is used with any Windows-based PC, or Windows CE-based PDA, enabling doctors and nurses to continuously update, view, exchange and print patients' information. The system complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, by protecting patients' health information.

"Since doctors and other health care providers need the most up-to-date information at all times, and from any location, PocketChart allows them to be on top of a patient's medical history immediately", Christophe Sevrain stated.

With PocketChart, care providers can create complete, legible patient documentation with a few taps of the pen on customizable menus or pick-lists. It will help reduce transcription time and cost by completing a patient's medical history, exam notes, prescriptions, and coding at the point of care. PocketChart also has a drug interaction database that provides screening on new and current prescriptions. It even assists in billing.

PocketChart was designed by physicians specifically to meet the needs of the medical community. It creates a complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for each patient. Already, hundreds of physicians use PocketChart. Additionally, full user training and product support is available if needed. Users will soon be able to download the software from the Internet and can already order the CD-Rom.

Delphi Medical Systems is a world-class provider of technology, products, and product development and manufacturing for Dialysis, Infusion, In-Vitro Diagnostics, Respiratory Care, Vital Signs Monitoring and Power Mobility. Its capabilities stem from Delphi's vast technology base, product development expertise and manufacturing excellence.

Leslie Versweyveld

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