TeraRecon Inc. establishes luminary relationship with Wake Forest University School of Medicine

San Mateo 06 September 2005Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has become a luminary site for TeraRecon Inc., adopting its Aquarius products for processing CT, MR, and PET images. Radiologists and clinicians, as well as researchers in Wake Forest's Center for Biomolecular Imaging (CBI), now use TeraRecon systems routinely to visualize, analyse, and edit complex three-dimensional image data. CBI serves the ever-increasing demand of basic science researchers for imaging technologies to aid in their imaging research activities including its work in regenerative medicine, the research of "growing" human organs. TeraRecon's product platform serves as CBI's manipulation platform for clinical and basic science image analysis and image reconstruction.


In addition to using Aquarius products in routine clinical practice, Wake Forest medical students are able to learn anatomy by individually interacting with CT data acquired from cadavers using the AquariusNET thin client system in their anatomy classes.

Wake Forest radiology scans cadavers and then assigns each anatomy student to subsequently dissect specific areas of the body. Students can do simultaneous real and "virtual reality" dissections using the TeraRecon AquariusNET system. Up to 40 students at a time can interactively navigate the data using regular PCs, making for a unique and personal learning experience.

The AquariusNET server maximizes the utility of MDCT, MR and other medical imaging data throughout the enterprise using a central 3D processing server delivering real-time interactive 3D imaging to networked PCs running the AquariusNET thin-client application. The Aquarius Workstation is an advanced diagnostic workstation that offers a comprehensive suite of 3D work flow tools used to reconstruct and edit images acquired from modern CT and MR scanners.

"Allowing medical students to learn anatomy by allowing virtual dissections represents a real technological advancement in the way students are taught anatomy", according to Dr. Allen Elster, Professor and Chairman of Radiology at Wake Forest. "TeraRecon's AquariusNET server system offers students a virtual interactive tour of each area of the body by applying advanced imaging technologies that were just not possible until recently."

"TeraRecon's platform will allow us to be at the forefront of an exciting new field of regenerative medicine. In the twenty years I have negotiated our equipment purchases, I can't remember a company that has had the combination of superior product and outstanding management, sales and application personnel that TeraRecon enjoys", stated Dr. Kerry Link, Director of the Center for Biomolecular Imaging.

Wake Forest Baptist is an academic health system comprised of North Carolina Baptist Hospital and Wake Forest University Health Sciences, which operates the university's School of Medicine. U.S. News & World Report ranks Wake Forest University School of Medicine 30th in primary care, 41st in research and 14th in geriatrics training among the nation's medical schools. It ranks 36th in research funding by the National Institutes of Health. More than 100 medical school faculties are listed in Best Doctors in America.

TeraRecon Inc., specialized in advanced image processing and 3D visualization techniques, provides advanced imaging systems for medical and other visualization applications based on its unique and patented image processing technologies. A two-time winner of Frost and Sullivan's Innovation Award, the company has developed a leading portfolio of products that advance the performance, quality, functionality, and integration of image processing and 3D visualization systems.

Founded in 1997, TeraRecon has developed a unique family of powerful processors that are used in its real time diagnostic workstations, enterprise-wide image processing 3D servers, colour Doppler ultrasound systems, industrial CT scanners, high-performance reconstruction engines, and real-time 3D volume rendering hardware engines. TeraRecon is a fast growing, privately held company with headquarters in San Mateo, California; and branch offices in Concord, Massachusetts; Tokyo, Japan; and Osaka, Japan. More news about TeraRecon can be found in the VMW August 2004 article iCAD provides lung cancer detection, analysis and tracking software for TeraRecon Aquarius 3D visualization and imaging products.

Leslie Versweyveld

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