IBM Systems creates server solution for Byram Healthcare

Armonk 31 August 2005Byram Healthcare, a specialized provider of medical supplies to customers in their homes, has transformed its custom-built, Informix-based distribution and billing system, by upgrading its technology platform to run on IBM's POWER5 microprocessor architecture.


After the recent acquisition of Choice Medical, which doubled both its revenue and its user base, Byram Healthcare was looking for a new production system that would help continue to transform the business, cut expenses, raise revenues and create a more efficient and scalable operating environment. This would allow the company to divert business dollars to improving patient-critical needs such as prompt order entry, fast access to reporting for sales and overall customer satisfaction by speeding up the ERP system's performance.

The IBM POWER5 processor-based eServerp5 570 systems are being used to run business applications and support Byram Healthcare's custom-made ERP system, which manages its medical supplies purchasing, distribution, third-party billing and AR process.

Byram Healthcare continues to incorporate IBM technology into its business roadmap, working with IBM business partner, Saturn Business Solutions. To comply with HIPAA guidelines and streamline its IT processes, it required a server solution used solely for reporting. IBM's commitment to its AIX UNIX product has enabled Byram to use pSeries server products for nearly 10 years. Byram's new p5 570 went live in May 2005, and Byram estimates it is now able to run reports ten times faster than the previous server solution.

"We are dedicated to empowering the business to achieve its goals by transforming the way technology supports success", stated Richard Entrup, CIO of Byram Healthcare. "IBM is the ideal partner to help us achieve this goal. Like Byram, IBM's platform stands out among its competitors because of its sheer scalability and the way it is able to support future growth and change, whilst sustaining performance."

"Overnight processes that crunch thousands of transactions are now running twice as fast. Regional offices are now able to run reports that usually took hours, in minutes", he continued. "Large and complex purchasing reports are running much faster and available to the buyers promptly each morning. The entire organisation has been impacted by the improved performance. HIPAA guidelines have been addressed at the same time through the increase in system redundancy and system availability."

"IBM is able to provide customers with a roadmap for the evolution of their data centres and be a technology partner in their strategies for innovation", explained Karl Freund, vice president, IBM pSeries. "The power and precision of our systems, coupled with our deep industry expertise, makes us a perfect partner for Byram Healthcare as it positions itself to meet customer demands, adjust to market forces and grow."

"Saturn worked closely with Byram Healthcare to help identify the most effective IBM pSeries solution possible", commented Tom Heger, Senior Account Manager at Saturn Business Systems. "We helped Byram determine not only current computing needs, but also encouraged the company to take future growth needs into account. The IBM p5 570 was the best choice for Byram simply because it can grow on demand in terms of power and capacity."

Byram Healthcare Centers Inc. is a specialized provider of medical supplies to customers in their homes. Byram provides a high quality, reliable service, including knowledgeable customer service, accurate and high order fulfillment rates, third-party billing expertise and comprehensive reporting. Byram Healthcare works closely with customers, health care professionals and managed care organisations to assure the seamless co-ordination and efficient delivery of medical supplies to the home. Byram has more than 450 employees, operates 17 offices throughout the United States and serves more than 300.000 customers.

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Leslie Versweyveld

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