instaCare Corporation plans to extend the focus of its wireless technologies beyond the scope of its pharmaceutical business

New York 13 September 2005instaCare Corporation, a Wi-Fi PDA technology provider to the lodging and satellite media industries, the developer of patent-pending technologies for e-health and EMR applications and the distributor of life-saving prescription drugs, has provided additional details of its proprietary e-health technology portfolio, including information on how the company's digital, wireless, data collection and analysis capabilities could significantly contribute to ongoing industry-wide efforts to streamline processes and reduce expenses.


"The need for an infusion of technological precision into an unwieldy, complex and expensive system has never been greater", commented Robert Cox, CEO of instaCare Corporation. "The marriage of our wireless technology, software development expertise and drug delivery centralization and automation will provide a solid impetus to remove inefficiencies and streamline the system. The opportunities for cost savings are substantial, and the first-to-market status will provide meaningful opportunities for instaCare to benefit from what is a growing an important industry-wide trend."

Most doctors and hospitals still work in the buggy-whip era of information technology, dependent on pen, paper and manila folders. By now, if you belong to a frequent shopper club, your grocery store almost certainly has far more computerized data about you than does your doctor. The National Co-ordinator for Health Information Technology estimates that simply by using electronic health records we could save between 7,5 percent and 30 percent of the $1,6 trillion dollars now spent annually on health care, according to MSNBC columnist Michael Rogers.

Utilizing instaCare's technology and associated software, doctors will be able to swiftly manage prescriptions, patient records, and appointments on-line and via wireless handheld devices, accelerating processing of data, eliminating record-related issues and mistakes and complying with state and federal laws, including Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), as well as other regulatory factors. The company's sophisticated software enables access to a physician's Web site to make an appointment, as well as secure messaging system to access test results and send pre- or post-visit questions. The company is also designing solutions to preserve secure access to medical records on-line.

The company's most profound contribution to improved efficiency in the medical industry is related to e-prescribing technologies. Doctors will be able to wirelessly prescribe medicines for patients, in a secure, paper-free system, sending the prescription to a retail pharmacy warehouse which will immediately deliver the medicine to the patient's home or office. This will facilitate rapid and accurate drug interaction checks, ensuring the patient receives the right medication for their situation, avoids allergic reactions or potentially hazardous drug-to-drug interactions.

Additionally, doctors who have patients seeing multiple physicians will be able to immediately review what other doctors are prescribing and other medicines the patient may be ingesting, providing instant feedback on the patient's overall therapy. Doctors will also be able to order lab tests on handheld devices or desktop computers. The ability to utilize hand-held computer-based devices will eliminate misreadings due to poor handwriting or human error.

Robert Cox, instaCare's chief executive officer, concluded: "For decades, the medical industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, and inefficiencies have led to increased expenses, processing errors and mistakes related to poor data collection practices. Even if the low end of this cost savings example were to put into place, the average American family could save $1800 per year in health insurance premiums. We stand prepared to significantly change this paradigm."

Leslie Versweyveld

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