Sun Microsystems and InstantDx to provide first physician-based national health record

Santa Clara 30 August 2005Sun Microsystems Inc., the creator and advocate of Java technology, and InstantDx, a pioneer in electronic prescribing or e-prescribing services - the OnCallData system - for physicians, hospitals and health care organisations, have launched an initiative to jointly provide a revolutionary new physician-based electronic health record (EHR). This initiative is designed in support of the goals publicly declared by the United States Department of Health & Human Services to adopt a nationwide interoperable health information network to create electronic health records for all Americans.


Based on the Sun Java Integration Suite, formerly the SeeBeyond ICAN Suite, and InstantDx's OnCallData secure electronic prescription service, the joint solution is designed to provide a complete electronic patient record that will enable the health care community - providers, payers, employers, physicians, insurers and patients - to take advantage of a real-time, Web-based point-of-care health care information network. With this combined solution, physicians can check drug and allergy interactions, patient eligibility, medication history and formularies at the point of care.

"Community pharmacy has long embraced e-prescribing and we applaud the launch of this physician-based national electronic health record", Craig Fuller, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), stated. "By providing the doctor and pharmacist with real-time access to the Sun/InstantDx solution, our members will be able to co-ordinate across the patient network and automatically monitor medication usage, dosing limits and allergic reactions between medications, while keeping a watch on the economics of the transaction to help drive down the costs of care delivery."

Sun along with InstantDx are delivering one of the first integrated solutions to address the United States Department of Health and Human Services' National Health Information Network (NHIN) initiative in driving collaboration between the private and public sectors through data standards, interoperability, regional health information organisations (RHIOs), and the use of electronic health records with integrated e-prescribing. Combining a physician-based electronic health record with an enterprise master person index (EMPI) for a single-patient view and e-prescribing functionality to streamline physician work flow is a cornerstone of the industry's effort to help reduce medical errors and improve both patient and physician satisfaction while reducing care delivery costs.

"Real-time interoperability between the physician's practice management system and the e-prescribing system is an essential, yet all-too-often missing ingredient necessary to accelerate the adoption of e-prescribing programmes", stated Dr. Allan Weinstein, chairman and chief executive officer, InstantDx. "Sun's expertise in providing technology solutions to the health care market and the ability to create interoperable patient care records made it a natural fit and the next step forward for our RHIO and NHIN efforts."

The initiative also aligns with various mandates, such as the Department of Health and Human Services' National Health Information Network (NHIN) initiative, the Department of Defense Military Health System (MHS), the Veterans Health Affairs (VHA) division of the Veterans Affairs Department and the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) initiative for interoperable health care records.

"Not only does this partnership enable clinical transformation on scale with RHIO and NHIN initiatives, but Sun's experience in creating EMPIs, Single-Patient Views and Electronic Health Records for health care institutions around the world marries well with InstantDx's e-prescribing foresight to ensure the right patient care is delivered at the right time", stated Wayne Owens, director of Integration Platforms, Sun Microsystems.

With an overarching objective of establishing a national network of interoperable systems for health care delivery, Dr. David Brailer, M.D. Ph.D., National Health Information Technology Coordinator, United States Department of Health and Human Services deems regional and national health information initiatives will be the driving force in the adoption of solutions such as unified single-patient views, longitudinal patient medical records and the electronic prescribing of medication.

InstantDx L.L.C., located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is a pioneer in e-prescribing, launching the first true electronic connection to pharmacy - Giant Pharmacies - and the first regional e-prescribing initiative - in Rhode Island with Lifespan hospitals and physicians. InstantDx integrates its product OnCallData into multiple physician practice management systems (POMIS) and electronic medical records (EMRs), including NDCHealth's Medisoft, Lytec, and Concept, Companion Technologies, CMHC and others - representing over 165.000 physicians in the United States.

The Sun Java Integration Suite, formerly the SeeBeyond Integrated Composite Application Network Suite - SeeBeyond ICAN Suite - is now the sixth suite in Sun Microsystems Java Enterprise System (Java ES). As part of a mutual agreement between the two companies, Sun Microsystems Inc. has acquired the shares of SeeBeyond Inc. on August 25, 2005. With this acquisition, SeeBeyond Inc. is weclomed into the Sun Microsystems Inc. family of companies. Over the next months, both companies will strive to reach full integration globally.

Due to relevant country legal requirements, different timelines for completing that full integration may apply. The new technology suite is a result of Sun's recent acquisition of SeeBeyond. With nearly 1 million Java ES subscribers to date, the addition of the Sun Java Integration Suite will build upon Java ES's success and position it as the most complete software platform for building Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Web services and composite applications.

Leslie Versweyveld

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