3001 Medical LLC, provider of advanced Virtual Reality medical systems, to bring medical imaging visualization technology to market

Delray Beach 04 October 20053001 Medical LLC, a developer of virtual reality (VR) medical products, has plans to focus R&D on development of a head mounted display for medical imaging and procedure guidance. 3001 Medical LLC, a division of VR technology company 3001 AD LLC, is working in collaboration with industrial and academic leaders to shape the next generation of improvements in patient care and safety using its proprietary VR technologies and devices.


3001 Medical LLC will focus on the further development of its exciting medical imaging display technology, which enables physicians to display patient-specific radiological images directly in their field of view when performing medical procedures. This technology, which allows for improved procedural precision and efficiency, may also lead to decreases in complication rates associated with a wide variety of medical procedures, such as vascular access, bedside procedures, percutaneous biopsies, aspirations, device placements, etc.

Dr. William Mills, President of 3001 Medical LLC, stated: "Our primary aim is to bring a cost-effective head-mounted medical imaging display to market. Our proprietary visualization technology will have applications in virtually every medical speciality, and will provide physicians performing procedures with what is analogous to x-ray vision. Being able to see a patient's internal structures before placing a needle through a patient's skin will offer dramatic advantages in efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, and will ultimately improve patient safety."

Dr. Mills continued: "We are fortunate to be collaborating on this project with major industrial and academic partners, who share our goal of bringing this exciting technology to market."

Leslie Versweyveld

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