Voltaire and FalconStor join forces to deliver high performance storage provisioning over InfiniBand

Orlando 25 October 2005Voltaire, specialized in Grid backbone solutions, and FalconStor Software Inc., a developer of network storage software, have optimized their solutions to deliver high performance native InfiniBand storage solutions. Customers leveraging FalconStor's IPStor Enterprise Edition software with Voltaire Grid Backbone switching solutions can implement an ultra high performance storage network operating at speeds that are four times faster than Fibre Channel. Voltaire is the industry's only provider of solutions that enable iSCSI over InfiniBand.


Voltaire's multi-service switching solutions leverage the iSER (iSCSI RDMA) protocol, and FalconStor's IPStor software has been optimized for iSER to harness its advanced capabilities. iSER brings significantly greater performance to iSCSI and leverages the protocol's existing comprehensive management capabilities, allowing heterogeneous storage environments to utilize a single protocol and management infrastructure. iSER over 10 Gbps InfiniBand delivers markedly better performance than Fibre Channel at significantly lower costs.

Massachusetts-based Institute for Health Metrics (IHM) is employing the Voltaire and FalconStor solutions to provide information products for hospitals using continuous streams of clinical data. "By moving to native InfiniBand storage, we've essentially built a Fibre Channel-free data centre to run a highly complex, storage-intensive application", stated Don Pettini, Chief Technology and Information Security Officer, IHM. "The Voltaire and FalconStor solutions combine iSCSI's management capabilities with the high performance of InfiniBand, enabling us to accelerate back-ups and data replication for our most important applications."

For their server and storage environment, the Institute selected Oracle 10g RAC data warehouse applications servers all running IPStor software over Voltaire InfiniBand. Using InfiniBand, IHM is able to make its large databases available at speeds that are four times faster than Fibre Channel.

"FalconStor recognizes the real world business advantages associated with InfiniBand", stated Bernie Wu, FalconStor vice president of business development. "Leveraging Voltaire's 10 Gbps InfiniBand-based switching solutions with IPStor software provides our mutual customers with new levels of performance that can reduce the overall complexities and costs associated with a dynamic storage environment."

IPStor software supports many protocols including iSCSI, and provides storage services including remote replication, accelerated back-up and recovery, and fail-over services to optimize business continuity. IPStor software also aggregates and provisions iSCSI disk to application hosts over an existing IP network, while offering SAN-based snapshot, delta replication and zero-impact back-up and restore services. Its intelligent storage management helps ensure that critical databases and messaging systems are easily managed, reliably protected, and highly available.

"We are very pleased to be able to offer customers a solution based on the collaborative efforts of FalconStor, a data protection expert, and Voltaire, a specialist in both InfiniBand and network virtualization", stated Patrick Guay, vice president of marketing, Voltaire. "This innovative combination will be attractive to customers seeking to bring unprecedented performance to their storage environments and is poised to accelerate iSCSI adoption in the enterprise data centre."

The Voltaire and FalconStor solutions are available from storage OEMs, storage solution integrators and end users in Q4 2005.

Voltaire is a worldwide specialist in Grid backbone solutions for networked computing in the next generation data centre. Voltaire's integrated family of switching hardware and network virtualization software delivers the high performance, intelligent backbone for Grid computing architectures. Leveraging the InfiniBand standard, Voltaire solutions offer improved performance, utilization and scalability across compute clusters, storage and IP networks. Voltaire solutions are available from major systems vendors and integrators.

FalconStor Software Inc. is a developer of innovative network storage software that optimizes the protection and availability of enterprise and SMB data and applications, ensuring non-stop business productivity while simplifying storage and back-up management to reduce operational costs. FalconStor's award-winning solutions, IPStor Enterprise Edition, VirtualTape Library, and iSCSI Storage Server, are available from major OEMs, system integrators, and resellers, and are deployed worldwide by governments, educational institutions, and Fortune 1000 enterprises across industries including aerospace, energy production, financial services, health care, law, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

FalconStor is headquartered in Melville, New York, with offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific regions including Paris, Tokyo and Taiwan. FalconStor is an active member of the Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet), Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA).

Leslie Versweyveld

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