OCG Technology awards license to Argentinean based Telemedica S.R.L.

New Rochelle 12 October 2005OCG Technology Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary PrimeCare Systems Inc., has awarded an exclusive license to Telemedica S.R.L., based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The agreement gives Telemedica exclusive rights to market the PrimeCare Patient Management System, Version Nine in the "Mercosur", which is South America's free trade area, consisting of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile. Telemedica plans to use PrimeCare Version Nine initially to establish a fully integrated health network of doctors and patients in Argentina. Telemedica intends to commence the installation of PrimeCare Version Nine at the beginning of 2006, in clinics in Argentina's northwest provinces.


Dr. Elias Hofman, Telemedica's Chief Medical Officer stated: "Due to its functionality, PrimeCare Version Nine is unique among electronic medical records. It is patient and doctor interactive, flexible, inexpensive, and Internet-based, not requiring expensive computer hardware or software. Far more than an electronic medical record, the system improves how ambulatory medicine is delivered."

Dr. Hofman also noted that Argentina is in desperate need of a national electronic medical registry, and that PrimeCare Version Nine could fill this need. Dr. Hofman is also a Professor in the Universidad Favaloro's Department of Family Medicine, located in Buenos Aires; is a founding member of the Sociedad Argentina de Endocrinologia y Metabolismo; is an associate of the International Medical Programme at the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, Florida; and has a medical practice in Buenos Aires. Dr. Hofman possesses an authoritative knowledge of telemedicine, and has participated in medical call-in programmes for BBC Mundo, BBC's Spanish language service.

Robert A. Shiver, recently appointed President of PrimeCare, commented: "We are extremely pleased that Dr. Hofman, after investigating many medical record systems and utilizing PrimeCare Version Nine for almost a year, has chosen PrimeCare Version Nine as the backbone to achieve a national electronic medical registry for Argentina."

Telemedica's stated mission is to assist Argentina's 39 million people in living longer and healthier lives, while lowering health care costs and improving the productivity of the country's health care investment. The Argentine government's health care expenditure is $13 billion per year, which is about 8,4 percent of Argentina's GDP. Telemedica believes that, if widely implemented, PrimeCare Version Nine could reduce this expenditure, saving the health care system a minimum of $500 million yearly. Savings would come primarily from PrimeCare Version Nine's enhanced diagnostic capabilities and improved, system-wide administrative functions.

PrimeCare Version Nine's comprehensive knowledge bank of 280 symptom and problem oriented patient-interactive questionnaires could be used by doctors as a tool to avoid diagnostic pitfalls. PrimeCare Version Nine could enable Argentinean doctors and health care administrators to better manage patient information through real time access to up-to-date data monitoring of resources, costs, treatment efficacy, patient flow, patient satisfaction rates, and staff efficiency allowing them to optimize decisions.

OCG Technology, and its wholly owned subsidiary PrimeCare, has developed, owns, maintains, updates, expands and markets the PrimeCare Version Nine, and several related Internet sites that use various sections of PrimeCare Version Nine. PrimeCare Version Nine is a specially written front-end application designed to be downloaded by the client via a Web connection, and then installed at the client's location using standard Windows installation procedures. This greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of both user installation and system maintenance.

Leslie Versweyveld

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