Tandberg teams with Cisco on advanced collaborative care solution using highly secure, real-time visual communication

Oslo 14 November 2005Tandberg, a global expert in visual communication, has teamed with Cisco Systems Inc. on its new Clinical Connection Suite to speed the time to diagnosis and treatment. Based on the Cisco Medical-Grade Network, the Cisco Clinical Connection Suite provides real-time communications, monitoring, collaboration, and resource tracking, delivered as a four-part, integrated clinical solution. Integrating Tandberg's video technology with Cisco's Medical-Grade Network, health care providers improve patient care by bringing the patient and critical information together with the right caregiver or specialist from any location.


Spread across a network of eight regional hospitals and 32 remote sites, health care providers with the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) faced the challenge of effectively diagnosing and treating cancer patients with a limited number of radiologists, pathologists and oncologists. The NHS deployed Tandberg video solutions over a Cisco network so that cancer specialists throughout the system could collaborate face-to-face on patient diagnosis and treatment plans. Collaborative care provides facilities, such as NHS, with an invaluable tool for meeting the diverse needs of the growing communities they serve.

"Since deploying our video systems for multi-disciplinary teamwork within cancer networks, we've seen a reduction in patient waiting", stated NHS Communications Specialist Gus Hartley. "Quite simply, we treat patients more effectively and clinicians make more effective use of their time."

Tandberg-Cisco collaborative care customers are able to collaborate over video for administration in real time, Grand Rounds, continuing medical education (CME), translation services and even assisted surgery. Tandberg's highly secure visual communication technology features the highest level of encryption and authentication to ensure patient confidentiality, satisfying HIPAA requirements.

"In order to meet the growing demand worldwide for collaborative and specialized health care services, it is essential that organisations find new ways to share critical information and improve efficiencies", stated Pierre-Paul Allard, vice president of enterprise marketing for Cisco. "Together with Tandberg, health care providers now have a reliable video solution with industry-leading security features enabled by a fully scalable, reliable and highly secure network architecture. This results in greater sharing of information, increased clinical work flow and improved patient care."

Other Tandberg-Cisco telehealth customers include the University of California-Davis Medical Center (UCDMC), where patients and staff visually confer with medical institutions and specialists around the world. UCDMC staff also use the Tandberg-Cisco video solution in response to disaster situations to provide remote triage for medical emergencies.

The Grampians Rural Health Alliance Network (GRAHNet) in the Grampians region of Australia connects more than 40 remote hospitals using a Tandberg-Cisco video solution. The GRAHNet system supports a wide range of collaborative-care activities, including patient review, professional development and training, executive management meetings and cross-departmental discussions.

"Taking advantage of Tandberg's visual communication solutions with Cisco's Medical-Grade Network will provide the health care industry with an effective and easy-to-implement solution for improving patient care and personnel efficiency", stated Andrew Miller, chief executive officer of Tandberg. "This partnership further builds on our mission to make business-quality visual communication accessible to everyone in a health care organisation."

Tandberg is a global provider of visual communication products and services. The company has dual headquarters in New York and Norway. Tandberg designs, develops and markets systems and software for video, voice and data. The company provides sales, support and value-added services in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Leslie Versweyveld

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