Medic4All announces the release of five new telemedicine products

Zug 03 November 2005Medic4All completed work on five new telemedicine software and hardware products to enhance its wireless medical monitoring solution. The five products are the MiniClinic Event Recorder Wrist Unit; the Measurement Remote Access Server; the MedicGate Data; the Monitoring Center Application; and the Minigate Application.


The MiniClinic Event Recorder Wrist Unit is a modified version of the MiniClinic. It measures single lead ECG, stores up to 5 ECG events and post event 30 seconds record, wirelessly transmits the data, and also features low power consumption.

The Measurement Remote Access Server (MRAS) is a Medic4all server software package that operates multi telephone line modems and receives measurements simultaneously from multiple MedicGate devices via telephone lines and stores them in the database. Features support for up to 32 PSTN input lines and provide integration with third party applications (XML protocol).

The MedicGate Data constitutes a modified version of the MedicGate Vital Signs and audio conference PSTN gateway. The MedicGate Data is dedicated only for medical data transmission to the monitoring centre via conventional telephone lines and wireless communication with Medic4All's monitoring devices. The MedicGate Data features advanced digital data transmission capabilities.

The Monitoring Center Application is a new software version for the telemedicine medical monitoring centre with added physician subscription service, longer ECG recording, improved reporting management, friendly graphical user interface and enhanced communication hardware support.

The MiniGate Application is a new software version for the MiniGate programme featuring self monitoring functions, broad networking support, improved reporting management (PDF), better performance, improved customization options, additional languages support, enhanced storage structure, e-mail communication and longer ECG recording display.

Medic4All Group develops and markets innovative proprietary e-Health and telemedicine wireless technology and services that improve health care management for homecare services, diseases management programmes, remote patient monitoring and Tele-Assistance services. Medic4all prides itself to the constant release and expansion of its product lines with new and improved wireless devices and software that are the state-of-the-art technology in the telemedicine market. More company news is available in the VMW March 2005 article Medic4All announces completion of CE Mark for all its wireless products and software.

Leslie Versweyveld

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