Skyscape introduces Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine, 2nd Edition for handheld devices

Marlborough 03 November 2005Skyscape Inc., specialized in trusted mobile health and medical information solutions, has released an important Emergency Medicine reference - Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine - formatted specially for use by health care providers on PDAs and smart phones. Published by Oxford University Press Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine is authored by Punit Ramrakha and Kevin Moore. The Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine is an up-to-date, practical and comprehensive guide to the management of the acutely ill patient.


The reference relates pathophysiology to clinical features to help the reader make the diagnosis quickly. It identifies priorities for treatment and leads the reader, step-by-step, through the management of the patient while awaiting specialist help. Wherever possible, published guidelines have been incorporated to ensure that the reference reflects current, recommended management of medical emergencies, with evidence-based treatments. Details of specialist treatments are included to inform readers about the patient's likely ongoing care.

The title also features Skyscape's patented smARTlink technology, enabling health care practitioners to easily cross-index with other clinical and drug prescription products from Skyscape to provide a powerful and integrated source of mobile information. The reference joins Skyscape's portfolio of more than 300 trusted medical references in over 30 medical specialities. Practitioners can purchase the references or download free trial versions.

Skyscape is a provider of interactive, intelligent mobile medical references that improve the quality and efficiency of patient care and help reduce medical errors. Skyscape has a registered user base of over 450.000 medical practitioners. Its more than 300 trusted references cover over 30 medical specialities. All are integrated via Skyscape's easy-to-use smARTlink technology and are available on Palm OSR, Windows Mobile and Windows powered desktop and Tablet PCs. More news on Skyscape can be found in the VMW January 2005 article Samsung equips phone devices with wireless applications to improve patient care and forges strategic alliance with Skyscape.

Leslie Versweyveld

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