Data Domain speeds back-ups for Children's Hospital Boston

Palo Alto 01 November 2005Children's Hospital Boston, the nation's premier paediatric medical centre, has selected Data Domain appliances and Veritas software for back-up and recovery. Children's Hospital Boston is one of the largest paediatric medical centres in the United States, and is also the primary paediatric teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.


At present, Children's Hospital has generated nearly 60 terabytes of data - ranging from business systems and research to patient records and radiology imaging files. With back-up needs growing continuously, tape drives were unable to handle the demand, often malfunctioning and requiring time-intensive back-ups and restores. Efforts to use a virtual tape library (VTL) only compounded the problem, creating administrative headaches and adding complexity to the SAN.

Children's Hospital Boston ultimately selected Data Domain appliances used together with Veritas NetBackup software as its data protection solution. The Data Domain appliances feature capacity optimization - the ability to massively compress data by 95 percent or more - providing a cost-effective disk-based solution for its growing back-up needs.

"With Data Domain, back-up is no longer a constant struggle. We immediately started seeing the 20:1 compression ratios we heard so much about, in addition to the back-up and restore speeds we had hoped for in disk-to-disk operations", stated Paul Scheib, director of operations and chief information security officer, Children's Hospital Boston. "We just plugged in Data Domain and it worked and we've never looked back since. Moving forward, we'll continue to use less tape for additional savings in space, labour and cost."

Children's Hospital Boston is now able to keep three months of back-up data on-line and readily accessible. As a result, urgent restores can be completed in a few minutes instead of taking four hours, and the hospital expects to save thousands each year in emergency recall fees from off-site storage vendors. Maintaining Data Domain appliances is easy for storage administrators at Children's Hospital Boston, who run the medical centre's four DD460 Restorers from the Veritas NetBackup interface.

Moving forward, Children's Hospital Boston plans to implement a new disaster recovery strategy and replicate data to a secondary site. Data Domain Replicator software will enable the medical centre to replicate data from one location to another while conserving bandwidth and perform rapid restores over the WAN.

"Fast, reliable back-up and recovery is essential for Children's Hospital Boston, and Data Domain is proud to be part of its success", stated Frank Slootman, president and CEO, Data Domain. "We're passionate about taking the pain away from back-ups and restores."

Children's Hospital Boston is the nation's premier paediatric medical centre. Founded in 1869 as a 20-bed hospital for children, today it is a 325-bed comprehensive centre for paediatric and adolescent health care grounded in the values of excellence in patient care and sensitivity to the complex needs and diversity of children and families. More than 100 outpatient speciality clinics are located at Children's. Children's Hospital Boston is the primary paediatric teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, home to the world's leading paediatric research enterprise, and the largest provider of health care to the children of Massachusetts.

Data Domain is a provider of Capacity Optimized Storage solutions. Through advanced Capacity Optimization, data invulnerability and replication technologies, Data Domain systems enable storage of back-up/recovery data through traditional back-up software to be simpler, smaller, faster, and more reliable.

Leslie Versweyveld

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