Viatronix announces release of major enhancements to its existing 2D/3D clinical modules and partnership with QI

Stony Brook 22 November 2005Viatronix Incorporated, a Stony Brook, New York-based expert in 2D/3D clinical solutions, has signed a worldwide CAD integration partnership with Quantitative Imaging (QI), an innovator of CAD solutions based in San Bruno, California. Under the agreement, Viatronix will integrate QI's colon CAD engine, PolypPoint, with its clinically proven V3D-Colon workstation. Viatronix also continues to exceed industry demands by delivering leading edge medical imaging software with improved work flow, diagnostic efficiency, CAD tools and PACS connectivity, for today's radiology department.


"Under the terms of the agreement, Viatronix will license QI's powerful CAD product and offer it as an optional upgrade to our V3D-Colon module", stated Zaffar Hayat, CEO and President of Viatronix Incorporated. "The work has already begun in Q3 2005, and we expect that the commercially integrated CAD will be available to the market by Q4 2005. This integration provides another powerful tool enabling radiologists to detect colon polyps quickly and with greater confidence. The combination of our proven V3D-Colon platform and QI's CAD engine will immediately set a new standard for end users."

Peter Whitehead, CEO and President of QI, stated: "We are pleased to announce this licensing arrangement with Viatronix and the launch of an integrated platform that has been long awaited by the Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) community. As validated in numerous competitive tests by independent companies and radiology experts, PolypPoint is the leading colon CAD product worldwide. By partnering with leading VC companies like Viatronix, we believe we can rapidly establish our breakthrough CAD technology as an essential part of the radiologist's toolkit for performing CT colonography exams."

The beta version of the integrated product was demonstrated at the 6th International Symposium on Virtual Colonoscopy on Oct 17 and 18th. Mr. Whitehead went on to say: "We look forward to this partnership and hope to expand the relationship by introducing other products in the future."

QI was formed in early 2004 to productize proprietary and proven Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) technologies for medical imaging. QI designed these tools in collaboration with leading radiologists, delivering high quality quantitative data that is critical in advancing radiologist effectiveness and represents the next paradigm in radiology. QI tools automatically identify, measure, and characterize potential abnormalities.

QI's first product for virtual colonoscopy/CT colonography, PolypPoint is a streamlined, Web-based software tool that assists radiologists and other clinicians in assessing CT images for the identification and visual evaluation of possible polyps and cancers in the colon. PolypPoint automatically analyses new CT colonography cases and creates HTML reports listing regions of interest. A radiologist can access the reports from any Internet-connected workstation. QI has a robust pipeline of additional Web-based products to expand rapidly into other high value diagnostic procedures and image modalities.

Viatronix's industry-leading virtual colonoscopy software now has further enhancements to the image quality and frame rates of 3D images, flythroughs, movies, and interactive examination. V3D-Colon has been optimized to take full advantage of the latest generation of dual-core processors and now significantly outperforms other systems with a higher image quality providing the most detailed 3D examinations. V3D-Colon also has been improved to handle the ever-increasing number of images generated by today's CT scanners. The new software capability is currently being utilized by several participants in the ACRIN trial.

The company also has released its exciting enhancement to the V3D-Vascular platform for coronary and other vessel analysis. The new features, in line with the company's goals of providing industry leading automatic post processing and segmentation will now automatically detect and segment the carotid arteries and create 3D movies ready to be sent to PACS. This will not only save time and make the work flow more efficient but will allow the radiologist to spend more time on examination and not manual segmentation. This enhancement will be offered as a standard option on the V3D-Vascular platform.

Viatronix has developed an open CAD interface for its V3D-Colon platform and Lung CAD platform. To this end the company recently announced two separate agreements with other leading CAD companies, one of which is QI. The company will be offering CAD tools as an option in the near future after receiving regulatory approvals. The CAD tools have been thoughtfully integrated into the normal work flow to maximize sensitivity with a minimal impact on reading time.

The company also has launched its first software-only based solutions. Most 2D/3D imaging workstations in the industry require special hardware platforms including special-purpose add-on rendering boards. Viatronix has broken through this barrier and now delivers its industry leading clinical solutions as software-only solutions. The software-only solution enables integration with PACS and other platforms. The company will continue to offer turnkey software/hardware solutions to those end users who require it.

Viatronix is an innovator and developer of 2D/3D medical imaging and diagnostic software. Its software enables physicians to interactively view vital organs and anatomical structures within the human body from data acquired by standard medical imaging equipment in minimally or non-invasive methods. The 2D digital data acquired from imaging devices is automatically post processed using the company's proprietary software techniques and provides 3D diagnostic quality images for the physician.

The company's first product, V3D-Colon for "virtual colonoscopy" allows physicians to interactively view the colon reconstructed from a CT scan, providing visualization of the inner surface that includes polyps and lesions. The company's V3D-Explorer offers a robust and user-friendly workstation platform that views and reconstructs data in 2D/3D for virtually any organ in the body. V3D-Calcium Scoring aids physicians in determining the amount of calcified plaque accumulation in the coronary arteries. V3D-Vascular is breakthrough software that permits rapid segmentation and visualization of complex arterial structures using 3D volume rendering, maximum intensity projection and simulated x-ray views.

Viatronix, through application of the V3D technology, is developing additional innovative products that will be useful in early detection of other diseases, treatment planning, intervention and follow up evaluation. More news on Viatronix is available in the VMW May 2004 article Viatronix Virtual Colonoscopy Technology receives FDA approval for detection of colon cancer.

Leslie Versweyveld

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