Next Dimension Imaging to release Anatomy Lab e-learning application

Chiang Mai 21 November 2005Next Dimension Imaging, a private, independent software company located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has published its new medical product Anatomy Lab. Anatomy Lab is an e-learning application and helps students to study and to become familiar with human anatomy by interacting with anatomical 3D models, which represent subsystems in the human body. The application is suitable to be used at various levels of health care professional education, from University to High School level.


Although high quality anatomical models are available for years, they did not have a chance to enter University curricula and health care school classrooms on a wide scale. Despite ever growing PC performance, both CAD model viewing software and fly-through viewers drive the PC quickly beyond performance limits when navigating high level-of-detail models of skeletal, muscle and circulation systems.

Though anatomical e-models have the advantage that they do not require linkage pins, strings or joints and do not have manufacturing constraints, e-models could not compete with expensive real world models.

Anatomy Lab is based on a new navigation method which overcomes the disadvantages of commonly used zoom-shift navigation, applied to high polygon count models. The method allows disassembling of the model and putting parts back in place, very similar to taking a real anatomical model apart and putting it back together.

Objects and structures can be directly accessed by name picking and can be identified by highlighting. Structural lists and object lists help students to memorize and to look up Latin terms.

Instant navigation to a small or large spot in the model is possible by an operation which is familiar to 2D imaging. Anatomy Labs' region selection is very similar to zooming in a region in a 2D image.

Anatomy Lab is equipped with a high speed rendering engine, and the MORE system has contributed the data management sub system. Geometry recognition engine MORE had been released previously, about one year ago.

Lothar Muench, General Manager, stated: "Conventional 3D viewers see the model commonly as a document with a variety of properties. In Anatomy Lab we focus with high priority on the interaction with the model, and symmetries in the user interface assure that it can be quickly and efficiently operated by users who do not work with 3D models on a daily basis."

The technology developed for Anatomy Lab can be applied to other fields, like language learning from pre-school age to adult age and identification of parts in complex assemblies within an industrial production environment. A first project, which uses Anatomy Lab's visualization technology has been initiated.

Further information and a product demo programme are available at the Next Dimension Imaging Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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