CompView Medical completes premier installation of NuBoom at Oregon Health and Science University

Beaverton 05 December 2005CompView Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of CompView Inc. that provides integrated audio-visual systems for medical environments, has installed NuBoom, the next generation Operating Room (OR) equipment management solution, at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).


Designed as an all inclusive equipment management, boom and visualization system, NuBoom efficiently houses medical and video equipment, thereby enabling precise monitor positioning so that surgeons can comfortably view monitors from anywhere around the patient. In addition, the shelves and connections within the NuBoom cabinet hold all the necessary surgical equipment so there are no longer multiple carts and equipment cords in the operating field.

This consolidation of equipment has significantly increased safety measures in the OR. NuBoom also incorporates an integrated OR control system that enables the staff and surgeons to intuitively select the input device or image they want to appear on each monitor based on the type of procedure they are conducting, which has helped improve the staff's work flow efficiency.

"With the installation of NuBoom, I feel as though we have gone from a Model T to a Rolls Royce overnight", stated Dr. Eugene Fuchs, professor of Surgery and Urology at Oregon Health and Science University. "With the NuBoom system, we now have multiple viewing screens and can view the working field straight on without craning our necks. In addition, there are no cords all over the floor, which has significantly improved safety in the OR. I couldn't be more pleased with the solution. It is a thousand times better than what we previously had and has far exceeded my expectations."

NuBoom was installed over the weekend at OHSU, in contrast to the months it typically takes to install traditional ceiling-mounted alternatives. The 3-day installation eliminated costly downtime and allowed the staff to resume use of the OR immediately. In addition, it cost only a fraction of what it would cost for other solutions in the market today, which helped the university realize measurable cost savings.

"The NuBoom system is wonderful", stated Dr. Michael Conlin, an associate professor of Surgery at Oregon Health and Science University. "It is easy-to-use, the screens are easy-to-move, and the quality of the image is great. I'm in heaven."

In addition to installing NuBoom at OHSU, CompView Medical also installed its Digital Operating Control System (DOCS), which provides nurses with a touch panel interface to control video and computer sources to the monitors. When combined, NuBoom and DOCS provide OHSU with an easy-to-use integrated OR solution that addresses all areas of concern for surgeons, peri-operative nurses, administrators and patients.

"We are excited to complete the premier installation of NuBoom, and make good on our brand promise, to improve OR efficiency, productivity, and staff satisfaction", stated Paul White, founder and president of CompView Medical. "Given the unique value-add NuBoom provides, this is just the first of many successful installations to come."

CompView Medical, a private, wholly owned subsidiary of CompView Inc., specializes in the design and integration of audio-visual systems with proven success for medical environments including operating rooms, exam rooms and medical consultation areas. CompView Medical is built upon its parent company's nearly 20 years of technology expertise specializing in systems integration and group communication within the rapidly emerging audiovisual and group medical communications marketplace.

Leslie Versweyveld

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