Wooksung Video and IP phones are a new trend setter in India

Chennai 26 December 2005Today the need for Internet and Intranet is increasing at such a rapid pace that the Government of India's approach to popularize and liberalize Internet policies has brought in the broadband services through several ISPs at an easily affordable cost which will ensure that every corporate customer, SME and almost every household, would be availing this facility and services at a very economical cost and thereby use the Internet and Intranet both intensively and extensively.


The telecommunication sector is being revolutionised as the number of Internet and Intranet users have been on the rise. The mushroom growth of Internet cafes makes it evident that more than sixty percent of the inter office and intra office communication, Internet in daily life, is increasing. India has also been known now as the Back Office of several MNC operations worldwide and a hub for BPO operations. Call centres are mushrooming in all towns and cities with Internet and ISDN infrastructures. All these operations demand for better connectivity and speeds at low cost, and supporting hardware devices and gadgets to utilize this infrastructure to its optimum levels.

Wooksung Electronics India caters to India, Thailand, Middle East and Sri Lanka, Wooksung IP phones, video phones that are adoptable for broadband. These products come with features for Internet connectivity, video conferencing, and have touch screen facility, recording and replay, photo album etc.

There is a huge market potential for these video phones now especially with the availability of broadband services at a very low cost and with the recently announced decrease of up to 70 percent in the International Leased circuits costs and daily falling prices of Internet telephony and other services.

The Wooksung Video Phones have been tested by several opinion leaders in India and across the world and have been certified for very good performance and quality. In India, ISPs such as BSNL, MTNL, Sify, Reliance Infocom, Bharati and NIC have already tested Wooksung Video Phones and have qualified the system for use with their services and are under price negotiation stage for a large volume purchase.

Wooksung India is setting up a re-seller channel across the country by appointing 3 to 4 national level re-sellers and state wise channel partners like cable operators, system integrators and solution providers to establish a supply chain system that will address the corporate, SME and home segments.

The growing installed base of Internet usage at all levels by means of cable, DSL, broadband, VPN, Leased circuits will initiate need for Customer premise equipments (CPE) to fully utilize the power of the net and to economize cost and better the communications system.

Wooksung India has already appointed big names in India with multiple offices across the country and with rich experience of selling and implementing video conferencing and networking solutions as a national distributor. Wooksung India is also in the process of finalizing its other prospective national re-sellers who also have a national presence and experience in the VoIP and networking spectrum.

Wooksung India will directly address the ISPs' requirements in India to supply the IP and IP Video Phones and also the application software to them. Wooksung India has already been receiving enquiries from ISPs such as Sify, BSNL, MTNL, Reliance Infocom for Video Phones and IP Phones which will be used by them in implementing VoIP solutions at corporate houses and also establishing IP pay phone centres across the country. Some of these enquiries are in the final stages of negotiations.

The main benefit of using IP Video phones is to reduce the recurring costs that one has to pay if conventional telephones (POT) or ISDN phones are used. The voice and picture quality is also of a very high quality and the communication system is on a full duplex system unlike a half duplex system if Web camera or PC-to-PC communications are done. The IP phones are easy to connect, easy to use, with better quality reception, zero recurring cost and can stay connected without dropping the line, whereas line dropping is a prominent feature in the conventional telephones, and recurring cost is the major differentiating factor from the IP Phones. A client who has entered into a fixed monthly pay plan with any of the ISPs for Internet or broadband connection can establish high quality audio or video calls with any other IP client across the globe at zero talk time cost and stay connected continuously without having to pay for the time utilized.

As on March 31, 2003, BSNL had a switching capacity of 45,03 million lines and a landline subscriber base of 38,20 million. BSNL's landline subscriber base, which witnessed healthy growth of more than 20 percent in the past, registered a lower growth of 6 percent in FY03. This is attributed to significant decline in cellular tariffs and handset costs, which is drawing subscribers away from fixed line telephones. A combined population of over 80 million lines was being shared between BSNL, MTNL and other private operators, which is now depleting due to the popularity of mobile phones and now broadband connections replacing all types of other connectivity.

Wooksung intends to set in a revolution to enhance IP usage in India by providing easily affordable Video Phones and IP Phones to all segments of the user community. The estimated numbers of these equipments Wooksung intends to install in the next twelve months is slated at about 25.000 video phones and about 30.000 IP phones.

Leslie Versweyveld

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