Globus Medical announces launch of Pivot MIS system

Phoenixville 15 December 2005Globus Medical Inc., one of the ten largest spinal implant manufacturers in the United States, has launched its Pivot MIS System, a unique posterior stabilization system that enables the placement of polyaxial screws and rods using minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques. The revolutionary Pivot System marks Globus Medical's entry into the MIS arena, and offers spine surgeons a unique product that affords them complete control and direct visualization throughout the entire procedure.


Specifically developed as part of Globus Medical's Protex posterior stabilization system and AccuFlex semi-rigid flexible rod technology, the Pivot System allows for screw insertion and rod delivery through just two small stab incisions. The patent-pending design features a mechanism that allows the rod to pivot in-situ to seat within the screw heads, and can be used to treat up to two levels in the same procedure. The system also allows for spondylolisthesis reduction, and the preassembled screw and non-threaded locking caps prevent cross threading.

"We're excited to launch our minimally invasive product line with the introduction of Pivot", stated Andrew Iott, Group Engineering Manager, Globus Medical. "MIS is clearly a growing trend, and Globus is committed to identifying a broad range of technologically-advanced techniques that will allow the delivery of fusion and motion preserving products through minimally invasive surgery."

Dr. Steven Poletti, an orthopaedic spine surgeon from Charleston, South Carolina, who has piloted the Pivot System, offers a positive review. "Pivot allows for guided and controlled minimally invasive rod introduction, and eliminates the need for a third incision", he stated. "It's a precision product that is genuinely innovative in that it allows for the direct visualization of the rod and screw."

"Some of the key factors that differentiate Pivot are its strong screw-to-sleeve connection, its capability for spondy reduction, and its in-situ adaptability", added Dr. Rob Dickerman, a neurosurgeon from Plano, Texas. "It's a product with multi-level capability and a guided system where everything follows a very specific path. It gives the surgeon complete control throughout any operation."

Based in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, Globus Medical Inc. was founded in 2003 by an experienced team of spine professionals with a shared vision to create products that enable spine surgeons to employ both fusion and non-fusion solutions to promote healing in patients with spinal disorders. Today, Globus is one of the fastest growing companies in the spinal device industry with more than $50 million in annualized revenue. The company offers a complete portfolio of spinal fusion products, and is among the world experts in the development of motion sparing technology.

Leslie Versweyveld

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