ADT Security Services debuts new health monitoring solution at White House Conference on Aging

Boca Raton 12 December 2005ADT Security Services Inc., a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, has provided a glimpse into the future of health care with the debut of its new ADT WellHealth line of health monitoring services at the White House Conference on Aging in Washington, D.C. in December 2005. ADT's WellHealth solutions can help people remain independent in their homes longer and reduce preventable hospital care, helping to reduce medical costs for individuals and employers as well as private and government health insurers.


ADT's WellHealth solutions make the home the "centre of care" by helping keep better track of health regimens and medication compliance through employment of easy-to-use digital devices that connect patients to ADT's industry-leading Customer Monitoring Centers and, if necessary, a registered nurse, pharmacist or even medical professionals.

"ADT WellHealth is a unique solution that, for the first time, puts the focus of health care on the individual and provides a greater sense of personal wellbeing", stated Mike Snyder, president of ADT Security Services Worldwide. "ADT is committed to developing technologies that help our customers stay active and enjoy the freedom of living in their own homes."

Statistics show an increasing need for monitored health care services. According to the August 2005 New England Journal of Medicine, avoidable costs of hospitalization, as a result of non-compliance to medication orders, amount to $100 billion annually in the United States alone, and are just one example of health care costs that could be avoided with patient support and encouragement.

Michael Lynch, Ph. D., director of ADT WellHealth, said this new line of services is being developed with a keen focus on reduction of avoidable health care costs on a national scale, while simultaneously promoting patient independence, privacy and improved quality of life. "It is important for ADT to have been chosen to preview our new health monitoring product line in the Center for Aging Services Technologies' pavilion at the White House Conference on Aging", Michael Lynch stated. "ADT's experience in monitored security gives us an advantage in creating and delivering affordable monitored health care products and services that can help reduce the strain on our nation's health care infrastructure by reducing hospital re-admissions and other avoidable health care costs."

The ADT WellHealth product suite is divided into three separate and distinct categories to address the varying medical needs of individuals. All of the products include the ability to call for help, if needed, 24-hours a day:

  • ADT MediHealth monitors medication compliance and related health issues to evaluate adherence to doctor instructions.
  • ADT VitalHealth tracks vital signs to record and report vital health data that could signal a need for medical help.
  • ADT ManageHealth chronicles health behaviours to encourage a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

ADT is featuring in the first-ever technology exhibition hosted by the Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) in connection with the White House Conference on Aging. This highly-regarded event is held every 10 years and offers an opportunity for thousands of officials and experts to present issues and make policy recommendations for meeting the needs of millions of aging Americans.

Celebrating its 131st anniversary, ADT Security Services Inc., a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, is the largest provider of electronic security services to more than six million commercial, government and residential customers throughout North America. ADT's total security solutions include intrusion, fire protection, closed circuit television, access control, critical condition monitoring, electronic article surveillance, radio frequency identification (RFID) and integrated systems.

The Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) is leading the national charge to develop and deploy technologies that can improve the aging experience in America. CAST has four focus areas: 1) driving a national vision of how technologies can improve the quality of life for seniors while reducing health care costs; 2) accelerating technology R&D pilots with seniors to prove out this vision, 3) advocating to remove barriers to the rapid commercialization of proven solutions; and 4) promoting national dialogue about standards to insure interoperability and widespread access to aging services technologies. Established in 2003, CAST has become a national coalition of more than 400 technology companies, aging services organisations, research universities, and government representatives working together under the auspices of the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging. The members of AAHSA serve 2two million people every day through mission-driven, not-for-profit organisations.

Leslie Versweyveld

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