bcc: Consulting to release Mobile Resource Guide, Quarter 1, 2006

Durham 11 January 2006bcc: Consulting has released its free bcc: Mobile Resource Guide, Q1 2006 Edition. In addition to up-to-date information on the 160+ companies who offer mobile solutions to the health care market, the Guide now includes bcc:'s segmentation of the mobile content sector. The Guide, which has been downloaded more than 60.000 times since its first release, also includes a listing of more than 130 free PDA applications that are available to clinical users.


bcc: has also released its free EMR Guide for Small and Mid-Size Practices. The EMR Guide, which was compiled with bcc: partner Unlimited Plus LLC represents a new product in bcc:'s line of clinician-oriented IT resources.

In its first formal release, the EMR Guide includes an overview of network architecture, key technology issues and challenges, bcc:'s Top EMRs for Small and Mid-Size Practices, as well as a comprehensive directory of EMR vendors. Future releases will continue to deconstruct the highly fragmented EMR market and provide valuable information to small and mid-size medical practices.

Unlimited Plus LLC provides health care organisations with information technology consulting and managed support. With more than 30 health care organisation clients through North and South Carolina, Unlimited Plus is rapidly establishing itself as the region's forefront service provider to the medical practice industry.

bcc: Consulting is a health care IT-focused strategy consulting firm. Through its publications, Going Mobile, bcc: Mobile Resource Guide, and now bcc: EMR Guide for Small and Mid-Size Practices, the company has established itself as the most trusted source for objective and insightful analysis on clinician-focused technology. For more information, you can read the VMW November 2005 article bcc: Consulting to release Mobile Resource Guide, Quarter 4, 2005. The Q1 2006 Guide can be downloaded from the bcc: Consulting Web site.

Leslie Versweyveld

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