Alaska Open Imaging Center and Fleming County Hospital select Optio Healthcare Solutions

Alpharetta 10 January 2006Alaska Open Imaging Center (AOIC), an independently owned network of diagnostic imaging centres serving Alaska physicians and residents, has selected the Optio QuickRecord and MedEx Suites to dramatically reduce paperwork in their four facilities and accelerate turnaround times on hundreds of daily radiology reports. Fleming County Hospital, a 52-bed facility in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, has equally selected the Optio QuickRecord and MedEx Suites to provide electronic health record and forms management software solutions.


The Optio QuickRecord Suite will integrate with the AOIC picture archiving and communications system (PACS) to electronically capture,store and route radiology orders and scans throughout Alaska, by area the largest state in the United States with 586.432 square miles.

QuickRecord will provide a universal hub and Web-enabled access point for all current and historic patient documents. Once the data is captured in QuickRecord, authorized radiologists can immediately access this composite view of patient information from within any AOIC center, their own practice or any off-site location with Internet access. Results can also be made available to referring physicians through electronic delivery.

"We're excited because Optio technology will allow us to realize our goal of becoming a statewide teleradiology network for all Alaska physicians", stated Jeff Kinion, AOIC chief executive officer. "With QuickRecord's automatic inbound and outbound faxing capability, we can dramatically reduce internal and external fax redundancy, and ultimately, serve patients and physicians faster, more accurately and more securely. And, because we're licensing QuickRecord on a subscription basis with remote implementation and maintenance, the impact on our capital budgets is minimal."

The QuickRecord Suite will also provide AOIC with an electronic library of administrative and clinical forms that can be generated on-demand and automatically populated with patient information. The system electronically stores and prints checks, bar-coded wristbands and labels, registration forms, discharge summaries, aftercare instructions and other documents, so caregivers spend less time handling paperwork and more time with patients. Optio's electronic signature capture capability captures and securely binds patient and physician signatures to electronic forms without scanning.

"At AOIC, our definitive product is the physician's report, and QuickRecord will enable us to expedite turnaround times", stated Sam Korsmo, AOIC chief operating officer. "Currently, we have 24-hour turnaround from the time a patient walks in to the time the referring physician receives the radiologist's report. We expect Optio to reduce this to a few hours. Shorter wait times for diagnoses and treatment add up to better health care and increased physician and patient satisfaction."

Optio solutions also establish a path for gradual transition to a paperless environment and a foundation for a community-based electronic medical record (EMR). In a state with a land mass larger than Texas, California and Montana combined, electronic access to health records is crucial to providing quality care to areas isolated by rugged geography and climate. In fact, Alaska reaches so far west that the International Date Line had to be bent to keep the state all in the same day.

"We spoke with several vendors, and Optio was the only one that could provide us with a comprehensive EMR and forms solution", concluded Sam Korsmo. "Other companies' products were geared for hospitals of 100 beds or more and didn't fit our needs and they were too expensive."

Founded in 2001 in Wasilla, Alaska, AOIC has locations in Anchorage, Soldotna, Fairbanks and Wasilla. A pioneer of secure, Web-based teleradiology, AOIC offers positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound, nuclear medicine, digital radiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography and bone density screening.

In Kentucky, the Optio QuickRecord Suite integrates with Fleming County Hospital's Computer Programs and Systems Inc. (CPSI) software in admitting, laboratory, radiology and other areas to help automate health care delivery processes. QHR, the national market leader for hospital management support services, has a strategic services partnership with Optio Software that enabled its client, Fleming County Hospital, to enter into this agreement.

"We chose Optio because they're affordable, they offer the most complete forms automation and electronic health record solution, and they fully integrate with our existing infrastructure", stated Fleming County Hospital CFO Ron Harrington. "In addition to operational and patient care improvements realized by implementing Optio, we expect to free up about 25 percent of the space now consumed by paper records storage. This will reduce costs and storage needs in our new facility, scheduled to open in 2008."

QuickRecord provides a browser-based composite patient view of scanned paper records and patient clinical data accessible to authorized caregivers within and outside the hospital. Because QuickRecord is offered on a subscription license basis, it minimizes impact on capital budgets with lower total cost of ownership than monolithic system replacement strategies. It also establishes a path for gradual transition to a paperless environment and a foundation for a community-based electronic health record (EHR).

"Optio QuickRecord's Web-based interface is fast and easy for physicians to use, both from within the hospital, from their offices or wherever they may be", stated Glenna Peterson, Fleming County Hospital director of health information management. "With QuickRecord, physicians will be able to review and sign documents in their queues for faster chart completion and reimbursement cycles. It will also enable them to specify exactly how they want patient information delivered to them: by secure messaging, Internet, fax or manual delivery. In addition, the QuickDelivery capability enables electronic release of information to insurance companies, state agencies and other entities in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner."

Optio QuickRecord Suite automates the collection and distribution of health care documents, providing a Web-enabled information hub for all patient documents and information whether they originate as hard copy, on-line forms or discrete data streams. It also offers electronic signature capture that securely binds patient and physician signatures to electronic forms without scanning. MedEx automates forms, bar-coded wristbands and labels for clinical and administrative processes.

"Optio shares our commitment to helping community hospitals overcome the financial and information technology barriers to EHR", stated QHR Senior Vice President Karolyn Broussard. "We are confident they will provide the QHR network of hospital clients, many of which are under 200 beds, with robust, yet affordable, EHR solutions."

Fleming County Hospital, established in 1962, is a not-for-profit facility serving residents of Flemingsburg, Kentucky, and several surrounding counties. The hospital offers a full array of services including acute inpatient care, emergency care, general survey, rehabilitation, laboratory, outpatient surgery, respiratory care, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, MRI and a sleep disorders clinic. A client of QHR, Fleming County was recognized for Best Overall Hospital Performance in 2005.

QHR provides consulting services, management support, operational turnaround, new hospital development, asset merger/lease sale assistance, education and training programmes to health care providers and health systems nationwide. QHR is a national expert in providing management services to nearly 200 hospital clients. Formerly known as Quorum Health Resources, QHR is based in Plano, Texas, with a business development and operations centre in Brentwood, Tennessee.

More than 700 health care organisations use Optio forms automation, electronic medical record and clinical document management solutions to capture, format, scan, view, sign, archive and deliver real-time access to patient information at the point of need.

More than 5000 companies use Optio solutions to achieve unprecedented speed, accuracy, functionality and quality in their inbound and outbound document processes and extend their enterprise resource planning (ERP) and hospital information systems (HIS) applications. Founded in 1981, Optio Software maintains world headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, with Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters in Paris and sales offices in Germany and the United Kingdom. More company information is available in the VMW January 2006 article Optio teams up with Hometown Health to deliver affordable electronic health record solutions to Georgia's community hospitals.

Leslie Versweyveld

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