Greater Rochester IPA signs with Healthvision for clinical information data exchange

Irving 05 January 2006Healthvision, a health information technology company, has signed a contract with the Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association (GRIPA) to provide a shared health information exchange to enable a clinically integrated health care delivery continuum. GRIPA will deploy additional Healthvision services including electronic prescribing, referral management and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) interoperability, according to Scott Decker, Healthvision's CEO.


GRIPA represents Healthvision's third client to build a connected health care community in New York State. The Taconic Health Information Network and Community RHIO in the greater Hudson Valley signed with Healthvision in September 2004, and the Adirondack Regional Community Health Exchange (ARCHIE) became a customer in October 2005.

GRIPA's mission is the delivery of the right health care at the right time in the right setting. Their efforts are to effectively spend health care dollars to focus on the efficient co-ordination of care, useful reporting, analysis and physician feedback. Clinical integration is another example of GRIPA's commitment to this mission.

"Too often, physicians don't have complete information about a patient", stated GRIPA Chief Medical Officer, Eric Nielsen, MD. "Whether it's a list of the medications that a patient is on, lab results, or imaging studies, it's imperative that physicians have a comprehensive view of all of the relevant information, regardless of where that person has received care. We expect that having that information and clinical guidelines at the point of care will dramatically improve patient outcomes, while reducing the cost of care."

At the heart of the effort is a clinical information data exchange. With easy to use, highly secure Web-based access to patient information and clinical guidelines, this virtual electronic network will securely allow physicians to collaborate with each other and the patients they're treating. With patient approval, this information will be available to providers at the point of care. Tools including e-Prescribing and Referral Management will assist physicians in managing the information.

In addition, EMR interoperability services will be in place to enable users of EMRs from multiple vendors to be able to easily share patient-centric information without having to replace current EMR systems.

By providing the clinicians in the community with the right patient information and tools at the point of care, GRIPA can help them make more informed decisions. "Clinical Integration is our most important organisational imperative in 2006 and beyond", stated Gregg Coughlin, GRIPA's president and CEO. "We selected Healthvision because they have the experience, the technology and the best practices to help get us to where we need to be, quickly and cost-effectively."

It's expected that by the end of 2006 more than 150.000 patients and 400 physicians will take part in this innovative initiative. "We're very excited to be GRIPA's technology partner on this initiative", stated Scott Decker. "GRIPA's work is groundbreaking, and we're proud to be part of it."

GRIPA is a partnership of physicians and hospitals in Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario Counties of the Greater Rochester region, including 506 private physicians and 99 employed physicians, as well as the Rochester General Hospital, Rochester General Physicians Organization, Newark Wayne Community Hospital, and the Wayne County Physicians Organization.

Healthvision creates RHIOs and Connected Healthcare Communities by helping market leaders quickly and cost-effectively plan for and deliver patient-centric information via shared information exchanges. Healthvision's capabilities cover the spectrum of needs ranging from a suite of strategic consulting services to Web-based infrastructure and applications - all designed to enhance decision-making and effectiveness. The Healthvision Interoperability Platform and applications improve access to clinical information and enhance co-ordination and collaboration of care.

The company's Web-based infrastructure, e-healthSOURCE, is the most widely used in the industry, hosting more than 8 million unique patient records. Additionally, more than 350 health care organisations use the company's solutions to make health care easier for their key audiences - a number that represents more than 30.000 clinicians, including 11.000 physicians, thousands of patients and millions of consumers. A privately held company, based in Irving, Texas, Healthvision was formed in July 1999.

Leslie Versweyveld

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