Caligari ships first real-time 3D collaborative authoring technology trueSpace7

Mountain View 19 January 2006Caligari Corporation, award-winning producer of 3D modelling and animation software, has made available trueSpace7, the first 3D software application to feature real-time collaborative authoring technology. The new release is designed to meet the expanding needs of Caligari's current customers while addressing the 3D authoring and collaborative requirements of teams creating visualizations, simulations and on-line training material.


trueSpace7 is the only 3D authoring product on the market to offer all aspects of real-time design, modelling, and animation within a virtual 3D space shared by remote participants over the broadband Internet. trueSpace's easy-to-use authoring tools, based on an innovative direct manipulation user interface, are seamlessly integrated into the underlying collaborative process. The trueSpace7 collaboration server enables multiple participants to connect to a shared 3D space to create and manipulate their content in real-time, trying new ideas and discussing creation strategies with built-in chat and other communications tools.

"Within trueSpace7, we have taken great pains to enhance the creative tools for current 3D developers as well as share our vision for where 3D content creation is going", stated Roman Ormandy, president of Caligari Corporation. "We believe that the playing field of 3D development will soon be reshaped by the need for on-line collaboration and we will help our developers through the process by offering live training in a shared 3D space on the Caligari Web site."

New and upgraded trueSpace7 features include the following:

  • Real-time collaboration for role-based authoring lets artistic and development teams work together in the same space to create 3D content and applications;
  • Lightweight and networked truePlay 3D player offers companies an effective, unified content authoring and delivery system;
  • Real-time rendering engine - based on Microsoft's DirectX 9.0 NHLSL - and a real-time visual material editor provide photorealistic pre-visualizations of animations as well as final renderings to video;
  • Three global photo renderer options are now available: Lightworks, V-Ray - sold separately, and VirtuaLight;
  • Behaviour and activity creation, via a visual design environment with a customizable user interface for created objects, brings dynamics and interactivity to your objects;
  • A new Link Editor and integrated physics engine simplify procedural and interactive animations and behaviours for training simulations by easily linking objects together;
  • Script editor with JScript, Lua, Python, VBScript, and other languages allows users to write scripts directly embedded in any object;
  • Message-passing kernel and a distributed network engine enhance the collaborative environment;
  • Support for the next-generation of massively parallel, multi-core processing hardware offers the computing power required for rich, realistic interaction.

"I'm getting superb results using trueSpace7 for my architectural visualizations", stated artist/architectural delineator Tim Virbick. "I'm particularly excited about the integrated V-Ray rendering engine because I can show off the subtleties and portray accurate views of homes and other structures. Further, the on-line collaboration features will let me communicate with my clients in a shared 3D space where I can edit and change the images based on their real-time feedback. Once again, Caligari shows their innovation and passion for 3D with trueSpace7. For my work, this is the most significant release in the history of the company."

"It is exciting that Caligari is driving innovation into their products", stated Peter Mitev, vice president of Chaos Group. "We are pleased that Caligari has chosen to integrate the V-Ray renderer into their upcoming release, trueSpace7. Now Caligari users can take advantage of our cost-effective, robust renderer. V-Ray brings physically accurate global illumination as well as other highly advanced rendering features into trueSpace7. It is fully integrated into the trueSpace environment, producing high-quality images."

With trueSpace7, Caligari has enhanced every aspect of its product, including those features most used by its current community. The authoring client provides a full set of polygonal editing tools, subdivision surfaces, NURBS with trim curves and blends, sweeps, rails, lofts, skinning, and cross-sections, chamfers and fillets, metaballs and particle surfaces, Boolean operations, organic deforms, array tools, layers, and more.

Animation tools include a key-frame editor, non-linear animation editor, function curves, facial animation tools, bones with deformable skin and muscles, and more. For rendering and surfacing there are three photorealistic renderers with ray tracing, radiosity and photon mapping, a UV editor, texture editor, layered materials and shading trees, HDRI, IBL, 3D paint tools, post process editor, and more.

trueSpace7 is now available from Caligari for an MSRP of $595. Rendering applications from LightWorks and VirtuaLight are included with trueSpace7. V-Ray is available for an additional $299.

Caligari Corporation was founded in 1986 and has remained at the forefront of 3D authoring for the Web era. The company's award-winning flagship product, trueSpace, is a 3D modelling and animation programme used by product designers, Web designers, illustrators, and animators worldwide.

Leslie Versweyveld

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