Scientific Vision Systems announces availability of advanced RGB QuadView XL

Carlsbad 30 January 2006Scientific Vision Systems, one of the largest distributors of medical video equipment, has made available the advanced RGB Spectrum QuadView XL imaging processor for the most demanding medical applications. The QuadView XL allows surgeons, operating room personnel, and radiologists to simultaneously view input from four (4) different video or computer sources on a single screen.


The new image processor features the most powerful image processing available with outstanding image quality from multiple inputs. The monitor accepts high resolution RGB, HDTV, S-Video, component and NTSC/PAL composite video, and/or optional DVI inputs. Operating room personnel can connect up to 16 inputs, four of which can be displayed simultaneously.

Each of the 16 inputs can be individually sized and positioned anywhere on the screen. As well, each input can also be panned and zoomed to emphasize areas of particular interest using the proprietary smooth zoom and pan feature. The processor provides users with a nearly infinite set of display choices including quad split, side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and overlapping windows. In addition, the Quadview XL supports real time, dynamic movement and resizing of windows.

Surgical teams and radiologists can view any of the inputs full-screen, in four window quad mode, or in a user customizable mode with full control of window content, sizing, and location. The QuadView XL can be configured to receive inputs from a variety of sources including the following examples: video camera mounted in the operating room's ceiling, surgeon's headlight camera, an endoscopic camera inserted into the patient during an operation, an ecocardiograph ultrasound video image, and fluoroscopic x-ray video depicting angiograms of the patient's blood vessels.

Other inputs can include stored computer data, patient medical history, lab reports, and prior test results such as angiograms, for example, The QuadView XL also acquires computer analogue inputs from multiple patient monitors including patient heart rate, blood pressure, blood gas levels, and the other with EEG electro-encephalogragh data depicting numerical values for cerebral activity.

Users may select a variety of output and resolution settings in RGB or DVI format and aspect ratios of 16:9 or 4:3. The resulting on-screen image insures a perfect match with any display. Because the processor includes both DVI inputs and outputs, an application can retain a completely digital signal path from signal source to display. Dual RGB and DVI outputs allow the processor to feed two separate displays.

According to Dick Wheeler, President of Scientific Vision Systems: "The QuadView XL processor provides the optimum display capacity needed in high-performance operating room environments. Integrating the processor into a complete system provides the advanced capability of displaying live medical images and retrieving digitally stored images. The Quadview XL processor also facilitates telemedicine, allowing cases to be remotely viewed in other operating rooms, at in-house conference centres, or at any remote site in the world. To further facilitate telemedicine, the processor includes a built-in Web-based graphical user interface, titling, borders, fade effects, and coloured backgrounds. And the QuadView XL meets all standards for medical applications."

Scientific Vision Systems supplies a wide variety of cameras, monitors, printers, and recorders from manufacturers such as Sony, Mitsubishi, Medicapture, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC and Elmo.

Leslie Versweyveld

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