Satyam complements Byrraju Telemedicine service with on-line patient information management system

Hyderabad 05 January 2006Satyam Computer Services Ltd., a global consulting and IT services provider has deployed its Web-enabled health care platform which is built on the Oracle's Healthcare Transaction Base (Oracle-HTB). Oracle has provided this software free of cost to Byrraju. This solution, coupled with telemedicine enables the physician to access the medical records of patients in remote villages and provide medical consultation, without the doctor having to physically travel to these villages. Consultation is facilitated by a trained health worker at the village end who provides the basic parameters.


With over 78 percent of the medical practitioners operating out of cities and towns rural India which is home to over 70 percent of the country's population is deprived of quality medical care. A combination of telemedicine and Oracle HTB which has been customized for primary health care and special interventions such as diabetes, hypertension, school health, mother and child health care etc. enables non-resident doctors to provide medical attention at a time of the day when it is convenient to the consultant and patient. This solution, is initially being deployed in the 150 villages where the Byrraju Foundation, a non-profit organisation, is presently working.

Corporate and non-profit organisations who deploy this solution will have access to a system that enables building patient records, history of illness, patient visit schedules, medicine administration schedule and other items that can be customized to suit the requirements of that particular client. Doctors and consultants, who may not be present at remote locations, will have complete on-line access to the patient records and history of illness and can prescribe the right medicines and schedules on the tool itself. The tool will then prompt the field staff to administer the dosage accordingly.

By using Oracle HTB, Satyam has ensured that the entire system will comply with the industry required Health Level 7 (HL7) compliance. HL7 is the industry standard for the exchange of clinical data in the hospital environment.

Commenting on the launch of the platform Mr. Ram Mynampati, President, Healthcare and Commercial Businesses, stated: "The telemedicine platform is an example of making technology work to reach out to people in remote places. By ensuring simplicity and compliance we have built a robust system on the tested Oracle HTB platform. This solution is now available for several of our clients in the Provider and Public Health space to enable their remote applications backed with technology."

Speaking on the planned implementation in villages of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. P.K. Madhav, Lead Partner, Byrraju Foundation, stated: "It is a great opportunity for us to help save lives in remote areas with a world-class technology backed health solution. We are glad that Satyam and Oracle have helped us in this noble cause, with an effective system with which we can track and manage the health of thousands of people."

Mr. Krishan Dhawan, managing director of Oracle India, stated: "Helping Byrraju Foundation provide better medicare to people in villages in Andhra Pradesh is a highly fulfilling experience for us at Oracle. This project is yet another way for Oracle technology to better the lives of individuals and communities in India."

Oracle's community initiatives in India include providing its platform free of charge to over 900 schools India. This interactive education platform is already being used by 215.000 school students from across India. In addition, Oracle has already provided USD 140 million worth of free software to over 100 higher education institutions in the country.

This service is being inaugurated on 9th January 2006 for ten villages which now have a last mile robust connectivity. Over the next three months, the service will be rolled out to all the 150 villages. The phase I implementation of the solution will enable registering and searching patients and their records, their primary health details and tracking primary health prescriptions in the areas of infant vaccination, maternal care, hypertension, and school health. In phase II, the solution will extend its coverage to areas like dental and eye care, epilepsy, cancer detection, and health insurance.

Satyam's Healthcare practice has developed unique integrated industry solutions by leveraging its established competencies in Public health, Pharma, Providers and Payer space. The company has currently approximatively 1000 associates, globally, dedicated to this practice and 7 of the global top 10 pharma companies are part of its client base. Healthcare practice contributes 5,5 percent of overall Satyam revenue. Some of its showcase works include:

  • Electronic Health Records for Sports Practitioners, Athletes
  • Patient Health Records for Individuals
  • Mortality Survey data for clinical trials

The Electronic Health Records solution, from the Satyam’s Healthcare practice, will work on Healthcare Partner Financial Application, Healthcare Partner Clinical Application, and Healthcare Partner Administrative Application. This solution will thus enable the company to focus on key health care providers across various geographies to cater and exceed the varied needs of providers across the globe.

Oracle India Private Ltd., a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation, has been operating in India for over 13 years. Oracle was one of the first international software companies to set up an India Development Centre in 1994. Today, Oracle's two India Development Centres, at Bangalore and Hyderabad, work closely with Oracle's global software development team, headquartered at Redwood Shores, California, on the entire Oracle product family. India is also a hub for several of Oracle's global support, consulting and financial services operations.

Through its offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurgaon, and an extensive network of more than 200 channel and alliance partners under the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Oracle India markets the complete range of Oracle products and services across India. Oracle products are supported on 13 major Indian languages. Oracle India has more than 6400 customers in the telecommunications, banking, insurance, manufacturing and utilities industries, across the government and private sector. Oracle India is a major partner for e-Governance initiatives of Central and State Government bodies in India. The Oracle-HP e-Governance Centre of Excellence is located at Oracle India's head office in Gurgaon, near New Delhi.

Leslie Versweyveld

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