i3ARCHIVE and IBM ink joint marketing agreement for health care disaster recovery solutions

Berwyn 10 February 2006i3ARCHIVE Inc. and IBM have signed a commitment to jointly market commercial disaster recovery and business continuity services to the medical imaging industry. Under this new agreement, i3ARCHIVE and IBM will focus on building awareness around the significant benefits that i3ARCHIVE's On-Demand, enterprise scale, medical imaging data management services can provide to health care institutions with limited financial resources.


"Given the critical nature of disaster recovery in health care, i3ARCHIVE has chosen IBM hardware, middleware and services for our reliability and scalability", stated Mike Svinte, Vice President for IBM Information Based Medicine. "Together we are providing small and medium hospitals, clinics and others the disaster recovery tools once only available to the larger institutions."

In November 2005, i3ARCHIVE has extended the capabilities of its Grid-based medical imaging architecture to service the needs of business continuity and disaster recovery for picture archive and communications systems (PACS). In doing so, i3 exceeded the HIPAA requirements for data recovery and provided an unprecedented ability to provide "fail-over" access to a replicated, virtual instance of an existing PACS environment that can be utilized during periods of unavailability or inaccessibility.

"We remain focused on providing a world-class health care information network specifically designed to solve the challenges posed by large medical imaging data sets and will now deliver an enhancement to the traditional concepts of disaster recovery that would not be possible otherwise. We understand how much our customers rely on their PACS infrastructure and are committed to preserving their investment and helping them to eliminate the challenges associated with intermittent PACS service interruptions, as well as the consequences associated with catastrophic system failures", stated President and CEO, Derek Danois.

Through continued diversified service offerings, which now include disaster recovery and business continuity services, IBM and i3ARCHIVE are changing the landscape of how medical imaging and data is stored and managed in the health care industry.

i3ARCHIVE Inc.'s diverse product offerings provide a complete solution for the storage and retrieval of digital medical images and records, enabling health care providers and their patients, together, to increase the quality of health care delivery. i3's flagship products, the NDMA and myNDMA, its direct-to-consumer programme, are made available through Grid computing and a shared archive, building upon existing digital technology to provide physicians and researchers access to a life-time archive of digital images and related medical record data gathered from patients nationwide. For more information, you can read the VMW January 2006 article i3Archive brings On-Demand to the challenges of digital medical imaging disaster recovery.

Leslie Versweyveld

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