Exavera Technologies completes integration with Parco Wireless' API and SDK

Portland 09 February 2006Exavera Technologies and Parco Wireless have collaborated to develop new integrated asset and personnel tracking packages designed to reduce the overall cost of RFID ownership to hospitals. Featuring converged wireless systems, the combined solution will enable hospitals to deploy RFID tracking systems into more areas within the facility at substantial savings.


Exavera's VeraFi Access Reading Points combine RFID and WiFi technologies to communicate with 915 MHz tags, and intelligently deliver information throughout the wireless network. Parco Wireless has been the industry leader in providing advanced active tracking technologies including Ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies, passive RFID readers and tags, and WiFi.

"Exavera and Parco's systems target different price/performance points by design, and are therefore best suited for different use cases", stated Scott Zeller, co-founder and VP of corporate affairs for Exavera. "Interoperability between our products enables the flexibility to custom-tailor an installation to fit the client's specific needs. Now hospitals can enjoy the efficiency and value of Exavera's cost-effective RFID tracking solutions in certain areas of the hospital and deploy Parco in areas such as the Emergency Department or OR where a higher degree of resolution is required."

Parco recently announced the commercial release of Version 2.0 of its RTLS Application Programmer Interface, Webservices and Software Developer Kit. The release of Version 2.0 included upgrades of affiliated software packages and improvements. Using the latest version of the SDK, Exavera and Parco software engineers successfully integrated Exavera's data streams into the Parco tracking application. The new version of the SDK allows for specific data classes for real time and general proximity data. The use of the Parco SDK and geospatial approach provides Exavera with a scalable solution for handling campus-wide tracking systems.

"The hospital markets have been needlessly underserved by all of the competing tracking technologies offered to them. They were forced to pay for services that couldn't flex to the various requirements throughout their environment", stated Scott Cohen, CEO of Parco Wireless. "Today we proudly announce the integration of two very exciting tracking technologies into one seamless product allowing best of breed tracking which enables true edge to enterprise tracking capabilities at a lower cost. Our approach will make the decision as to which tracking solution to buy much easier for the hospital. They are getting the best of both 915 MHz-based technology and the UWB world", stated Scott Cohen.

Exavera Technologies Incorporated combines RFID and WLAN technologies to build advanced networks that enable the identification, location and tracking of people and assets. Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the company focuses on using the insight provided by their solution to automate processes and optimize work flow.

Parco Merged Media is a privately held company headquartered in Portland, Maine. The company has emerged as the industry leader for the health care and safety industry providing the most accurate and reliable tracking systems available to hospitals. Parco is the only one-source wireless health care communication systems provider using FCC approved UWB devices and open platform software designs. Parco's wireless health care communication software suite includes middleware, an application programmer's interface, and wireless operating system and software development kits. More company news is available in the VMW December 2004 article CDW and Parco offer first ultra-wideband RFID systems for health care, safety and emergency management organisations.

Leslie Versweyveld

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