St. Luke's Regional Medical Center standardizes on Softricity's Application Virtualization Platform for major IT infrastructure upgrade

San Diego 13 February 2006St. Luke's Regional Medical Center, Idaho's largest health care provider, has selected Softricity's application virtualization platform to expedite deployment and management of over 200 applications for more than 3500 users across the organisation as part of a major IT infrastructure refresh. Major health care enterprises have purchased the Softricity Desktop, and existing customers have extended their initial departmental installations to establish Softricity as the foundation of their enterprise-wide infrastructures. The Softricity Desktop simplifies, expedites and radically improves efficiencies of IT operations by virtualizing hundreds of applications for thousands of diverse users in these health care organisations.


St. Luke's mission, to improve the health of people in its region, is the foundation upon which it has built Idaho's most advanced health care organisation. Technology plays a critical role in enabling St. Luke's to provide cost-effective, convenient access to health care services for more than 325.000 patients each year.

"We're undertaking a major IT infrastructure upgrade so we can continue to support St. Luke's growth while delivering the highest-quality health care", stated Sheryl Bell, St. Luke's director of information technology. "After an exhaustive evaluation process, it became clear that Softricity was the only solution that could enable us to quickly and efficiently deploy critical applications to clinical and administrative staff, help IT be much more responsive to user needs, and provide the flexibility and reliability users need to successfully perform their jobs. For that reason, we're implementing the Softricity Desktop as the basis of our new IT infrastructure for application deployment and management."

The Softricity Desktop eliminates the need to install and manage applications locally, instead transforming software into centrally managed, virtual services that are always on and follow users anywhere. Softricity's streaming technology instantly sends only the code needed to run applications to the client machine, and its patented application virtualization technology enables these applications to run in a protected "sandbox" environment without installation or alteration to the host operating system, and without conflicting with any other applications. This eliminates the regression testing typically needed prior to deployment of new applications, upgrades and patches, accelerating the entire management process.

As part of St. Luke's infrastructure refresh, Softricity is expected to:

  • Accelerate by up to 80 percent deployment/upgrades for even the most complex applications since the need for regression testing is eliminated and all applications can be managed through a central console.
  • Enable shared, "follow-me" computing support. Different users can access the same hardware and get exactly, and only, the applications they need, with no configuration by IT. Clinicians who use different PCs throughout the hospital will have "follow-me access" to the applications they need because of two key Softricity capabilities: 1) All applications and user preferences can be configured to persist on the network, and 2) Applications cannot affect the local operating system on which they execute. This makes it possible for users to share Windows desktops or laptops in a successive fashion.
  • Simplify help desk troubleshooting. With the Softricity Desktop, IT never has to manually troubleshoot application issues. In the case of a failed application, rather than reinstalling a user's application set, IT can refresh it from its own console and, based on the users' credentials, they'll automatically get access to a fresh application set.
  • Build foundation for flexible, responsive infrastructure that facilitates organisation growth, enhanced patient care and expanded services.

"We're pleased St. Luke's has chosen Softricity for the underlying application delivery and management capabilities of their new infrastructure", stated Harry Ruda, CEO, Softricity. "Softricity's combination of application virtualization, on-demand streaming and centralized management provides the simplicity and flexibility St. Luke's needs to keep IT on the cutting edge and help them remain a leading health care institution."

Softricity revealed that Columbus Children's Hospital, St. Luke's Hospital and Trinity Mother Frances Health System adopted the Softricity Desktop in Quarter 4, 2005. In addition, existing customers such as University of Utah Health Care purchased additional Softricity solutions in 2005.

"Due to the overwhelming success of our initial Softricity implementation in the HR department, we implemented it as the foundation of our enterprise-wide infrastructure", stated Viki Bass, Application Delivery Services, University of Utah Health Care. "IT staff can now be highly responsive to the needs of doctors, nurses and support professionals, as well as students and faculty, regardless of where they are located, what kind of computing device they rely on and which applications they use. The Softricity Desktop is truly groundbreaking technology, and it's been indispensable for managing a dynamic, complex environment like ours."

"The Softricity Desktop gives us full control over all applications. Application conflicts are no longer a problem. We no longer need to silo applications. As a result we have much better resource management. Softricity definitely gives us a better terminal server farm", stated Kristian Voldheim/Endre Nerland, IT consultant and advisor at Helse Midt-Norge IT, Regional Health Authority, which manages IT services for 14.000 users at hospitals in Norway.

Additional Softricity healthcare customers include:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts
  • Cerner Corporation
  • Emergis Mental Healthcare Foundation
  • Feelgood Svenska AB
  • Hospital Gooi-Noord
  • Swedish Medical Center in Seattle
  • University of Illinois Medical Center

Health care organisations rely on the Softricity Desktop for critical business projects, including:

  • Business continuity. By turning applications into easily replicable data, Softricity ensures application uptime and, as a result minimizes or even eliminates end-user downtime.
  • HIPAA compliance acceleration. Quickly and easily deploy HIPAA-required updates on applications to users, without over-burdening IT.
  • Shared computing, laptop user support. Different users can access the same hardware and get exactly, and only, the applications they need, with no configuration by IT. Mobile user support is also much easier because IT can centrally deploy and manage applications for laptop users, even if they're not connected to the network.
  • Accelerating by up to 80 percent deployment/upgrades for even the most complex applications. Because different versions of the same application can run on the same machine, upgrades are easier and seamless, and users requiring multiple versions don't have to tie up multiple machines.
  • Enhancing security and license compliance. Because no one can use software who isn't authorized to do so, usage policies and license agreements can be 100 percent enforced, without time-consuming, labour-intensive administration.
  • Building foundation for flexible, responsive infrastructure that facilitates organisation growth, enhanced patient care and expanded services.

"Health care IT managers face unique challenges in getting the right software to each of their diverse constituency on every imaginable device", stated Harry Ruda, CEO, Softricity. "The Softricity Desktop enables them to overcome previously unsolvable challenges and streamline software management throughout the enterprise by eliminating application conflicts and compatibility testing, accelerating deployments, simplifying on-demand user access, and reducing overall IT costs."

Softricity is the only virtualization company to deliver software that is never installed, yet securely follows users anywhere, on demand, enabling high productivity while dramatically reducing IT costs. The Softricity Desktop, powered by the SoftGrid Platform and Softricity ZeroTouch, employs the company's patented application virtualization, intelligent on-demand streaming and policy-based management technologies. Global customers include AIG, Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City, Northeastern University, Prudential, Raytheon, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH and Suncor Energy. Softricity is a partner with Microsoft (Gold Certified), HP, IBM and VMware. More news on Softricity can be found in the VMW March 2005 article Swedish Medical Center in Seattle selects Softricity's software virtualization for major IT infrastructure update.

Leslie Versweyveld

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