ATKOSoft-Unisystems-Orco Alliance to sign agreement with Information Society for Integrated Regional Health Network in Crete

Athens 07 February 2006The Information Society S.A. has signed a contract with the alliance of the companies ATKOSoft, Unisystems and Orco, for the implementation of an Integrated Regional Health Network for Crete.


The Information Society S.A. for the benefit of the Regional National Health System (RNHS) of Crete, signed a contract with the alliance of companies ATKOSoft, Unisystems and Orco, for the Implementation of an Integrated Regional Health Network for Crete. The budget is 5.391.800 euro and the duration of the project is 30 months.

This project, as far as software applications and accompanying services are concerned - since the project also includes an extensive hardware and networking infrastructure, is about the analysis, design, implementation, support and maintenance of an Integrated Health Information System.

This Integrated Health Information System consists of:

  • an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System including modules like: Accounting, Ledger, Budgeting, Accounts Balancing, Stock Management, Procurement, Assets, Payroll, Cost Accounting, Quality Control etc.
  • Patients Management (Inpatients, Admissions, Bed Management, Appointments Management, Billing, Pharmacy, Dietary Control & Management)
  • a Medical Information System (Outpatients, Medical Acts & Protocols, Medical Results Inference, Past Medical Record, Emergency, Ward Management, Diagnosis, Patients Health Profiling etc.)
  • a Laboratory Information System / Radiology Information System
  • HL7 Connectivity
  • Business Intelligence, based on Data Warehousing technologies
  • Training / SLA

The majority of the above applications and modules will be installed across the various Health Units within the administrative control and geographical region of the Crete RNHS, consisting of:

  • the Central RNHS Bureau
  • the University General Hospital of Heraclion
  • General Hospital of Heraclion "Venizelio"
  • General Hospital of Chania "Ag. Georgios"
  • General Hospital of Rethimno
  • General Hospital of Ag. Nikolaos
  • General Hospital - Health Center of Ierapetra
  • General Hospital - Health Center of Sitia
  • General Hospital - Health Center of Neapoli
  • 14 Health Centres

Crete region has a total population of more that 600.000 inhabitants. ATKOSoft SA is to cover the part of the project concerning Patients Management, Medical Information system and the HL7 Connectivity, by offering and customising accordingly, the award-winning aMedLine application, along with an extensive set of services concerning applications set-up, customisation, fine-tuning, testing, training, etc., striving to deliver the project within time and cost limitations, as well as taking into consideration the continuation of the project.

The application is provided to 1035 RNHS users, covering the island of Crete which consists of four prefectures with several hospitals and health centres, offering in total more than 2000 beds. Worth mentioning is the fact that ATKOSoft has taken over the Technical Direction of the project.

Leslie Versweyveld

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