ORTHOsoft develops new hip surgery software to guide surgeons in innovative hip reconstruction

Montréal 08 March 2006ORTHOsoft Inc., an international computer-assisted orthopaedic surgery company that develops and markets medical software and instruments, has recently completed the design and development of an innovative Hip Resurfacing software programme for one of its key orthopaedic implant company partners. This software assists surgeons using the partner's specialized Hip Resurfacing implant which allows more patients with chronic hip osteo-arthritis to benefit from a safe procedure that preserves more bone than total hip replacement.


The ORTHOsoft designed software is now in the early market release phase with an international team of orthopaedic surgeons in Europe and North America. ORTHOsoft is presenting the Hip Resurfacing software at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Chicago, March 22-26, and shortly after begin marketing it in Europe.

ORTHOsoft's development services division developed the software for one of its key implant company partners in a fee agreement of over $1 million dollars, and has assisted surgeons in over twenty-eight successful surgeries in Europe and Canada. The company's marketing division will launch the software in Europe, and market it to over 100 hospitals there already equipped with computer navigation systems as well as other hospitals.

In Hip Resurfacing, the hip joint is relined rather than removed as in a total hip replacement. Hip Resurfacing has been designed for use in young active patients who are likely to outlive a "conventional" hip prosthesis. Emphasis is on a high quality bearing surface, preservation of bone stock and durable fixation of the components to the skeleton.

"A successful hip resurfacing procedure requires the highest level of accuracy and perfect alignment, which is strongly favoured by ORTHOsoft's computer-assisted navigation system", stated Dr. Prof. Klaus-Peter Gunther, from Dresden, Germany, a European centre of excellence in Hip Resurfacing. "ORTHOsoft's simple and dedicated Hip Resurfacing solution facilitates and speeds up our work. It allows more intra-operative planning and anatomical 3D reconstruction which help prevent femoral neck notching; and as a result, this solution can speed up patient recovery time, reduce short-term revision surgery and reduce long-term implant wear and complications", he added.

In Europe, Hip Resurfacing without navigation, already represents 10 percent of the over 300.000 hip reconstruction surgeries per year. As this technique is complex, computer-navigated resurfacing is expected to significantly expand the number of surgeries and allow more patients and surgeons to benefit.

"Our partner will have the most advanced Hip Resurfacing computer solution available to orthopaedic surgeons in Europe today, which should significantly increase the number of resurfacing procedures there. In addition, as no resurfacing procedure is yet approved in the United States where more than 400.000 hip reconstruction surgeries occur annually, a similar opportunity exists in the future", concluded John Feilders, President of ORTHOsoft.

ORTHOsoft Inc., founded in 1995, develops and markets best-in-class medical software, instruments and computerized systems to assist orthopaedic surgeons to increase accuracy in hip, knee and spine implant surgery. FDA approved, ORTHOsoft's patented software solutions are developed by surgeons for surgeons, resulting in intuitive and easy-to-use navigation that tracks surgical flow and provides surgeons with real-time data that improves the surgical process and patient outcomes. To date, ORTHOsoft's software applications have navigated more than 25.000 surgical procedures in Europe and North America. More company news can be found in the VMW September 2005 article ORTHOsoft awarded grant for Orthopaedic Training Centre.

Leslie Versweyveld

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