GoPubMed, the intelligent search engine for biomedical specialists

Dresden 31 March 2006Founded in November 2005, Transinsight is a software company focused on the life sciences that provides products and solutions for intelligent search technologies. Their main product, GoPubMed, was partly developed during the IST project, Biogrid, by Professor Michael Schroeder and his research team from the Biotechnology Centre at the Technical University of Dresden.


"GoPubMed is a sort of an intelligent Google for biomedical specialists", explained Dr. Michael Alvers, CEO and co-founder of Transinsight. "The search engine saves time and so accelerates research significantly."

"Biomedical researchers have to be familiar with a huge number of publications", noted Professor Schroeder, Transinsight's Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder. "The PubMed database currently contains 15 million biomedical publications that have to be assessed by research groups." "Researchers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries spend an average of 12,4 hours a week searching for relevant information", added Dr. Alvers.

GoPubMed can search literature repositories, Web sites, intranets and desktops. It indexes results and thus allows users to explore a large body of results in a structured manner. In contrast to classical search engines, GoPubMed can answer questions using its background knowledge in molecular biology, medicine, drug development and food science. To illustrate this point, a search for aspirin inhibits on a classical search engine returns a large number of unstructured results that do not answer the user's original question. On the other hand, a search with GoPubMed reveals that the most frequently mentioned pathway for aspirin inhibits is the cyclo-oxygenase pathway.

Professor Schroeder stressed: "GoPubMed is intelligent and presents the search results in a way that is specifically linked to the interests of a particular research group." Thanks to its groundbreaking and competitive product, the young company has already won its first corporate customer: Unilever in the United Kingdom. Explaining why Unilever decided to purchase the software, Dr. Cecilia Eyre remarked: "GoPubMed helps us to quickly screen the vast literature for hidden gems and to discover trends in science."

With exciting commercial prospects, the start-up company has also been quick to attract investment. This past January, it was announced that Transinsight had received 500.000 euro of seed funding from Germany's recently established High-Tech-Gründerfonds and a further undisclosed sum from a private investor in Hamburg.

Indeed, such are the high expectations for Transinsight, that the firm was very recently crowned as one of only three "Lighthouse projects of the High-Tech-Gründerfonds" by Michael Glos, German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Technology.

For more information you can contact Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO, Transinsight GmbH, Tatzberg 47-51, D-01307 Dresden, Germany, Tel.: +49-351-46340059, Fax: +49-351-46340061, or visit the Transinsight GmbH Web site.

This article has been reprinted from the IST Results Web site.

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