Elekta strengthens stereotactic planning portfolio

Stockholm 07 April 2006To further complement the Elekta portfolio of stereotactic neurosurgery and radiation therapy solutions, an agreement with 3D Line Medical Systems allows Elekta to increase the range of stereotactic products offered to customers, including the 3D Line ERGO++ treatment planning system.


Elekta, a global expert in radiation oncology and non-invasive neurosurgery solutions, has signed a global marketing agreement with 3D Line Medical Systems srl. The agreement allows Elekta to offer a complete stereotactic radiosurgery palette, including 3D Line's stereotactic cones and ERGO treatment planning system with all new Elekta digital accelerators. This agreement immediately enhances the stereotactic delivery products from Elekta, in particular by providing stereotactic planning opportunities for the Beam Modulator.

The ERGO treatment planning system has a modular design that supports planning for classical stereotaxy, using circular (cylindrical) cones (collimators) in single and multi-fraction treatment delivery. The open systems philosophy of both companies means that virtually all commercial head and body frames are supported for stereotactic localization, including Leksell Coordinate Frame G, Elekta Esarte Frame and Medical Intelligence localizers.

The ERGO planning system is being demonstrated at the 2006 American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) meeting in San Francisco, providing planning support for the Elekta stereotactic head and body frame systems.

"With Elekta we have found a group of highly experienced people, sharing with us the passion to turn everyday clinical challenges into real solutions by combining research and innovation. Elekta and 3D Line have been working to export the classical stereotactic accuracy to any anatomical region. This partnership agreement combines the power of high performance imaging with superior stereotactic planning capabilities, to give rise to a new evolution of modern radiotherapy", stated 3D Line Medical Systems CEO, Roberto Pellegrini.

Elekta Product Manager for IMRT and Treatment Planning, Nick Linton, added: "We have had an informal relationship with 3D Line for several years and have provided products and services to mutual customers in the field of radiation therapy planning. This agreement continues a successful relationship and expands the choice of options for those customers looking at stereotactic solutions, image guided radiation therapy and radiosurgery."

"We are very pleased to be able to offer 3D Line stereotactic planning and circular cones to enhance and support our stereotactic product offering across the range of Elekta Digital Accelerators. We expect that this will be a very beneficial relationship for our customers", concluded Sarah Edwards, Elekta Product Manager for Stereotactic Radiation Therapy.

3D Line Medical Systems is an Italian international company active in the areas of Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics, Radiology and Surgery. With facilities in Milan, Italy), Reston, USA, and Nuernberg, Germany, the company reaches and supports the medical community around the world, with its growing innovative product portfolio.

Founded in 1990, a collaboration between a group of talented computer science graduates and a neurosurgeon pioneering the use of computer-assisted techniques in the operating theatre, the company still maintains the original spirit. Many of its resources are devoted to research and development activities, conducted in combination with medical and scientific centres: side by side with doctors and field technicians, 3D Line Medical Systems learns how to improve existing techniques and develop new solutions. In Radiation Oncology and Surgery the company has developed a keen awareness of the possibilities for providing precision treatments utilizing the technology of 3D graphics and computing combined with innovative engineering of hardware components.

Today, the organisation operates globally also in terms of research partnerships with leading universities and centres of excellence in different locations around the world.

Elekta is an international medical-technology group, providing meaningful clinical solutions, comprehensive information systems and services for improved cancer care and management of brain disorders. All of Elekta's solutions employ non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques and are therefore clinically effective, gentle on the patient and cost-effective.

Clinical solutions include among others Leksell Gamma Knife for non-invasive treatment of brain surgery and Elekta Synergy for image guided radiation therapy (IGRT). Following the acquisition of IMPAC Medical Systems Inc. in April 2005, the Elekta Group is the world's largest supplier of oncology software.

Elekta's systems and solutions are used at over 3000 hospitals around the world to treat cancer and manage clinical operations as well as to diagnose and treat brain disorders, including tumours, vascular malformations and functional disorders. With approximately 1800 employees, Elekta's corporate headquarter is located in Stockholm, Sweden. More company news can be found in the VMW August 2005 article Elekta and Medical Intelligence form international distribution partnership creating complete solutions for stereotactic radiation treatments.

Leslie Versweyveld

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