Erie County, Scranton and Lakeland Medical Centers tackle surgical work flow management with PeriOptimum and Radianse

Pittsburgh 21 April 2006Three additional hospitals have chosen PeriOptimum and Radianse to implement real-time work flow management and active RFID-based patient tracking. Erie County Medical Center, Community Medical Center of Scranton and Lakeland Regional Medical Center have high expectations following the breakthrough results achieved by other medical centres including Lancaster General, Mississippi Baptist, Hannibal Regional and PinnacleHealth.


PeriOptimum's PathFinder augments existing scheduling and documentation applications and integrates Radianse indoor location technology to automate patient tracking. PathFinder gives users an "air traffic controller" perspective of surgical case progress across all phases of peri-operative care.

"To provide world-class patient care, we need everyone involved in the surgical process to have an accurate view of what is happening at any point for any patient", stated Michael Young, President of Erie County Medical Center, a 550-bed hospital serving western New York. "Now we can also bring better metrics to management. For example, we can immediately identify delays in OR turnaround times, investigate the cause, and develop solutions to reduce these types of delays."

"A consistent, accurate view is also what CMC Healthcare is looking for", stated Joe Fisne, Chief Information Officer at the Community Medical Center. The 315-bed hospital serves northeastern Pennsylvania. "We see tremendous value in enabling a more predictable, efficient process. We expect to reduce administrative workload and increase satisfaction overall."

Increasing capacity and utilization are the clear objectives at Lakeland Regional Medical Center, a 851-bed hospital serving a rapidly growing community in Florida. "We see real potential to be more efficient and better serve our patients, staff and physicians", stated Hugh Autry, Vice President of Acute and Surgical Care.

Eight hospitals now use PeriOptimum and Radianse to help them maximize capacity and patient throughput by:

  • Tracking significant clinical events
  • Displaying the information in real-time so no one has to wait for or seek out updates
  • Analysing the time-stamped data to determine whether and why bottlenecks occur among the documented results to date:
  • Hannibal Regional Hospital, Hannibal, Missouri: OR utilization has increased to 73 percent from a previous 57 percent.
  • Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, Pennsylvania: the longtime user of PeriOptimum work flow management, upgraded in 2004 to use Radianse location, enabled the hospital to improve OR utilization to more than 85 percent from a previous 50 percent and have increased on-time case starts from 60-88 percent.
  • Baptist Health Systems, Jackson, Mississippi: patient status inquiries, those disrupting calls that take staff away from patient care, have been reduced by 60 percent.
  • PinnacleHealth Hospitals (Harrisburg and Community campuses): an extensive pre-installation analysis puts payback at less than one year.

Radianse, Lawrence, Massachusetts, provides location-enabled work flow solutions to improve patient throughput and resource management. Radianse active-RFID tags, LAN-ready receivers and Web-based location analysis software combine to locate and associate medical equipment, patients and staff. Additional software extends this integrated view to include beds, ADT, orders and labs, which improves efficiency to help hospitals maximize capacity.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PeriOptimum helps hospitals improve surgical throughput. Hospitals and surgicentres use the company's PathFinder work flow management solution and Surgical Capacity Improvement Program (SCIP) to create predictable and highly productive peri-operative services. The result is increased patient throughput, greater satisfaction among physicians, staff and patients, and significant net revenue gains.

More news about Radianse and PeriOptimum is available in the VMW April 2005 article Mississippi Baptist Health Systems uses real-time work flow management and patient location from PeriOptimum and Radianse.

Leslie Versweyveld

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