M. D. Anderson Cancer Center selects USBiogistics' real-time enterprise support services management solution

Houston 19 April 2006USBiogistics, a provider of enterprise support service solutions for health care, and the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, an expert in cancer treatment and research, have signed an agreement expanding their existing relationship. M. D. Anderson will implement Concourse, USBiogistics' integrated real-time enterprise work flow applications, including asset management and equipment charge capture solutions.


Using an enterprise applications approach together with RFID data capture at the patient room level will allow M. D. Anderson to more accurately track and manage its moveable medical equipment. Initial efforts will target almost 6000 pieces of infusion equipment that are critical in the administration of cancer therapy. Knowing exactly where the equipment is, and to which patient it is assigned, will result in improved accuracy of patient accounting and billing, more time for clinical care, and less labour expended on asset management and charge capture.

Joel Lajeunesse, Head, Division of Pharmacy for M. D. Anderson, stated: "We are pleased that our agreement with USBiogistics will improve efficiency by reducing daily visits by our staff to every patient room to scan equipment. Our patients will benefit from less disruption due to a more efficient system for equipment tracking at the bedside."

As part of this agreement, USBiogistics RFID infrastructure and work flow applications will be interfacing directly with Cardinal Health's Alaris System infusion devices, including IV, syringe, and PCA pumps. This will allow more timely information to be in the hands of caregivers, pharmacists, and other staff, without having to be in physical proximity of the infusion equipment.

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has been using USBiogistics' enterprise software applications for more than five years to successfully manage equipment distribution and charge capture across both inpatient and outpatient settings.

"We are anxious to build on our track record at M. D. Anderson and further leverage our integrated enterprise applications and Auto-ID technologies to drive significant operational and clinical improvements with this very prestigious customer", stated Stan Stoudenmire, President and CEO of USBiogistics. He expounded: "Our focus is not simply on using Auto-ID technology to show the location of assets or people, but to integrate real-time event status or condition-based information with everyday work flow and decision support applications of health care providers, driving compelling return on investment and enabling significant operational and clinical improvements. Also, the RFID infrastructure, which is a key component of this agreement, sets the stage for continuous process improvement by economically leveraging this technology beyond moveable medical equipment to patient, staff, and other resource management opportunities and process improvements."

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, a component of the University of Texas System, has established an international reputation as one of the world's pre-eminent centres for cancer patient care, research, education, and prevention. A multi-disciplinary patient care approach and dedication to translational research, education, and prevention are hallmarks of M. D. Anderson, which also holds the distinction of being designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as one of the first three Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the United States. M. D. Anderson has been named the nation's top cancer hospital by U.S. News and World Report's "Best Hospitals" survey four out of the past six years. More than 70.000 cancer patients receive care at M. D. Anderson each year.

USBiogistics is a provider of comprehensive health care enterprise service solutions integrating best of breed technologies and services that enable health care providers to obtain the optimal integration and interaction of the people, process, and technology, necessary to drive transformational change in overall operations and care delivery. USBiogistics brings together enterprise service work flow applications, integrated with Auto-ID - RFID and other - technology, lean process redesign for health care, and an outsourced business model.

Concourse, USBiogistics' enterprise solution, transforms health care providers' operations to increase the available capacity of a hospital by improving patient flow, which increases bed availability allowing faster, more efficient service to more patients; optimizing asset management, which frees up equipment and capital; and increasing staff productivity, allowing more focused time for patient care.

Leslie Versweyveld

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