Patient Care Technology Systems and Premise Development Corporation sign marketing alliance

Mission Viejo 19 April 2006Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS) and Premise Development Corporation of Hartford, Connecticut, have signed a marketing alliance to promote the integration of their high-acuity information systems and bed management solutions. The agreement encompasses the co-ordination of marketing and sales resources to provide integrated patient flow solutions to acute care hospitals. Both companies have been exhibiting their solutions at the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Conference in Orlando.


Optimizing patient flow remains a critical need for today's health care providers. An increasing volume of emergency department patients and a lack of available hospital bed capacity have contributed to emergency department overcrowding and lost in-patient revenue for hospitals. Peri-operative suites must manage patient flow complexities between the OR and the emergency department, inpatient beds, med-surg and intensive care units. Historically, managing the flow of patients from these high-acuity departments has required extensive manual interventions which can contribute further to patient-flow bottlenecks impacting patient care and satisfaction.

Increasingly emergency departments and peri-operative suites who treat high volumes of patients are selecting automatic tracking systems that update the location and care status of patients and assets as they move throughout the department. Automatic tracking badges, worn by patients and equipment, can send RFID, Wi-Fi, ultra-wideband or infrared signals to sensors located throughout the department and support areas. PCTS has developed rules-based intelligent software that can work with all major locating technologies to translate the signals received by the sensors into information about each patient's overall progression of care and their interactions with caregivers. A current status of every patient in the department with a time-stamped record of their visit is maintained without any manual interventions required by department staff.

Similarly, hospitals are increasing their inpatient capacity by utilizing bed management software that can track the status of all beds and manage requests for beds and associated clinical requirements from all departments, driving a more efficient process of placing patients in the right bed the first time. When an appropriate bed is found, the information can be sent electronically back to the automatic tracking system and thus eliminate delays inherent in manual information exchange.

"The emergency department and the peri-operative suite are responsible for the majority of patient admissions", stated Stephen Armstrong, vice president of marketing at PCTS. "We are excited to partner with Premise to present health care organisations with a bundled solution that can address the communication needs surrounding both bed demand and supply. By interfacing our Amelior automatic tracking software to the Premise Bed Management Dashboard system, the exchange of patient and bed information can be managed in real-time without paper and phone calls, and time-stamp each step in the work flow process."

"Hospitals are increasingly selecting the Premise Bed Management Dashboard as a comprehensive patient flow solution", stated Chris Aulbach, vice president of product marketing at Premise. "Driving real-time visibility and communications across the patient care continuum is key to minimizing delays and optimizing patient flow. Integrating the emergency department and the peri-operative suite more closely with the bed management work flow using a best-of-cluster solution such as Amelior automatic tracking solutions ensures that all patients will benefit from a hospital's commitment to improving patient flow."

Patient Care Technology Systems, a subsidiary of Consulier Engineering Inc., is dedicated to becoming the leading provider of patient safety solutions in the high-acuity segments of health care. Featuring the Amelior ED patient care system, a comprehensive ED information system with clinical decision support, and Amelior EDTracker automatic tracking, the most widely implemented automatic tracking system in United States emergency departments, PCTS provides a family of integrated and intelligent solutions designed to reduce medical errors and improve the operating performance of high-acuity departments. Amelior patient care system customers have been recognized nationally for department productivity and nursing excellence.

Premise is a provider of integrated and clinically focused software solutions that optimize patient flow, streamline communications, enhance operational efficiency, and empower knowledge-based decision making. Founded upon the idea that optimized delivery of health care services can be realized through the widespread use and visualization of real-time operating data, Premise delivers the industry's most intuitive systems for bed management, bed turnover, transport, and decision support, and has been serving the health care industry for over 10 years.

Leslie Versweyveld

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