Massively Parallel Technologies announces enhanced work flow for BioTech Virtual Power Center

Louisville 18 May 2006Massively Parallel Technologies Inc., a provider of on-demand high-performance computing, has made available a new service on the BioTech Virtual Power Center (VPC). The Sequence Manipulation Suite (SMS) is a collection of JavaScript programmes supporting short DNA and protein sequence generation, format conversion and analysis. Comprised of over 50 programmes, the tools complement Massively's Powered by HOWARD, high-performance BLAST service.


Powered by HOWARD high-performance BLAST is the first commercial on-demand software service to make a priori estimates of sequence search times. Unique to Massively's HOWARD technology, this patent-pending ability is based upon the parallel compute resources applied to a given problem, the database size and the query length. Combined with Massively's job processing speed-up selection at the click of a button and percentage of job completed indicator bar, biologists and researchers running large BLAST jobs using Powered by HOWARD BLAST have unprecedented job control and processing insight that will revolutionize BLAST work flows.

Users of Massively's BLAST service will no longer be relegated to the painful and time-consuming process of submitting one sequence at a time to NCBI or be faced with the daunting and costly challenge of configuring and managing their own BLAST server. Massively's Powered by HOWARD, high-performance BLAST service is available on the BioTech Virtual Power Center (VPC).

"We recognize biologists' and researchers' need for a more integrated work flow", stated Massively's CTO, Kevin Howard. "Availability of SMS on the BioTech VPC means that users will have an easier time bringing data in from one part of their analysis, manipulating the information in one location and preparing the data for direct import into other applications."

The Sequence Manipulation Suite was written by Paul Stothard, University of Alberta, and is now available. Massively's BioTech VPC delivers the benefits of high-performance supercomputing without the costs and complexities associated with users owning and managing their own compute clusters. Using a standard web browser with Internet access, users can take advantage of Massively's BioTech VPC without investing in any additional hardware or software. During the introductory period, Massively's Powered by HOWARD high-performance BLAST with job completion estimator, selectable speed-up, Sequence Manipulation Suite, and associated storage space will be provided free of charge.

"Researchers involved in some of the most interesting and relevant projects have described the tremendous productivity loss breaking up and submitting BLAST jobs one sequence at a time to NCBI without any insight as to how long it will take to process their BLAST job", stated Kevin Howard. "As a result, researchers commonly scale back the breadth and frequency of their BLAST searches. Massively is the first to break through these limitations with Powered by HOWARD BLAST. Combined with selectable speed-up - another Massivley BLAST first - our users' jobs are transparently powered by hundreds of servers, delivering extraordinary job control and productivity increases in comparison to conventional BLAST."

Massively Parallel Technologies, a Colorado-based company, delivers high-performance computing through Virtual Power Centers, Internet-based hubs designed for specific computationally intense applications. Powered by HOWARD, Massively's revolutionary system design and software solution provides the fastest possible communication between multiple processors. Massively's Virtual Power Centers can outperform most mainframes and supercomputers for a fraction of the cost. More company news can be found in the VMW August 2005 article Massively Parallel Technologies announces successful early beta testing of bioinformatics solution.

Leslie Versweyveld

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