Medical Intelligence finalizes strategic marketing agreement with French firm ModeLabs

Québec 03 May 2006Medical Intelligence Technologies Inc. has signed an exclusive distribution agreement between its French affiliate Medical Mobile and ModeLabs Group SA, the creator of custom-made mobile telephones, to sell the Columba geo-positioning phone bracelet in France's telecom distribution network. This agreement follows the signing of the letter of intent announced by the two parties on January 11, 2006.


The exclusive distribution agreement complements those previously reached with Orange France and France Telecom boutique, and pertains to Columba's distribution through mobile radio-phone boutiques, telecom specialists, multi-technology speciality outlets and superstores. The Columba phone bracelet provides a definitive solution to the problems of wandering and disappearing that can occur with patients afflicted by cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer's.

Backed by its vast distribution network and expertise in dealing with marketing-sector related issues, ModeLabs will handle the sales and promotion of the product to professionals, developing and implementing an extensive marketing and advertising programme. As part of this agreement, Medical Intelligence is granting ModeLabs first-offer rights in Columba's targeted distribution areas covering a number of European countries, including Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and The Netherlands.

"We are elated by this agreement, which consolidates our base in France and ensures the distribution of Columba in hundreds of sales outlets", stated Louis Massicotte, president of Medical Mobile and founder of Medical Intelligence. "ModeLabs' expertise and the broad reach of its networks in France and Europe are a huge plus for the widespread distribution of our product, and it favourably positions it with the community at large."

"The marketing of the Columba phone bracelet is entirely compatible with ModeLabs' strategy in regard to segmented mobile-telephone offerings", stated Henri-Nicolas Olivier, vice-president in charge of development and co-founder of ModeLabs Group. "It is in keeping with our constant effort to put the finest mobile and geopositioning technologies at the service of all, by making them widely accessible thanks to our strong marketing ability."

With this latest agreement, Medical Intelligence completes another major step in its marketing plan for the selling of the Columba phone bracelet in France, complementing the distribution agreement signed with DGX Pharma aimed at the pharmacy and health-sector networks.

ModeLabs Group is a new-generation player in the mobile telephone sector (CDM - Customized Design Manufacturer) that devises, develops and distributes mobile phones, accessories and services for operators, distributors and major brand manufacturers. ModeLabs Group is currently expanding in the rapidly growing "mobile-on-demand" market, based on the solid position in telecom distribution it has gained since 1996.

Combining its marketing expertise, advanced technological capabilities and flexible, "fabless" organisation, ModeLabs responds to the telecom market's growing need for segmentation by offering consumer brands, telecom operators, MVNOs and distributors the opportunity to create their own line of mobile handsets, accessories and services.

The Medical Intelligence-developed Columba phone-bracelet to prevent disappearance among Alzheimer's patients is a definitive solution to the problems of wandering and straying caused by Alzheimer's disease. Combining "handsfree" portable telephone, GPS positioning system and intelligent alert system that detects any wandering outside of a security zone, the Columba device is able to quickly locate the person who has strayed this pre-defined zone, thereby reducing the risks associated with Alzheimer's patients' wanderings.

Medical Intelligence is specialized in the personal medical tele-security industry, integrating information and telecommunications technologies to the health care sector. The firm designs portable medical devices equipped with an automatic alarm system for the benefit of people suffering from cognitive disorders or cardiovascular diseases. The Québec, Canada-based company also has an office in Paris. Its French affiliate, Medical Mobile, is the first such company to provide medical "telecom" service, personal and mobile "telemedicine".

Leslie Versweyveld

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