ViTel Net releases new video-enabled home monitoring solution

McLean 04 May 2006ViTel Net has released the ViTelCare C-Turtle, the new video-enabled home monitoring unit. The new home video unit utilizes the newest level of video technology offering features and benefits that distinguish ViTel Net's ability to maintain a competitive edge by offering new and advanced product solutions every year.


The C-Turtle combines the ability of in-home vital sign and messaging monitoring on a daily basis, and adds the ability to visually interact with the patient using a new video technology that dramatically improves the quality of video over low bandwidth phone lines (POTS) or video over IP using high bandwidth.

In addition to dynamic video conferencing, the unit is able to simultaneously monitor and stream patient vitals in real-time. Allen Izadpanah, president and CEO, stated: "Although there is value in video conferencing, the C-Turtle enables health care providers to greatly improve the management of chronically ill patients, because they can now also view vital signs within the same stream of video. This completes our comprehensive offerings that include messaging, monitoring, video, wound care management and kiosk."

The C-Turtle can simultaneously support five medical peripherals including blood pressure, pulse, weight scale, glucose meter, and/or SpO2 capturing and displaying each reading. The device also supports digital stethoscope.

As part of ViTel Net's suite of products, the new C-Turtle also enables remote wound management capabilities and transmitting high quality digital images to specialists anywhere in the world. This allows the clinician or specialist the added benefit of being able to monitor a patient's chronic wound(s) without the need to physically be present with the patient or have the patient leave their home.

The C-Turtle weighs less than three pounds, utilizes the colour touch screen found in the Turtle 400, while providing the patient with ongoing electronic educational modules to help manage their chronic illness.

Founded in 1989, Visual Telecommunications Networks Inc., better known as ViTel Net, is a developer and manufacturer of telemedicine and telehealth applications throughout the continuum of care. More news on Vitel Net is available in the VMW February 2005 article Heart disease study selects ViTel Net in national vendor search for Idaho-based telemedicine network.

Leslie Versweyveld

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