Mobile Diabetic begins testing Bluetooth connectivity with CreatorBlue diabetes phone software

Snohomish 23 May 2006Mobile Diabetic Inc. has launched the Beta release of mDiabetic CreatorBlue software, a Bluetooth enabled phone application for capturing blood glucose readings from a patient's meter and transmitting information to a data server. Creating new methods to simplify and automate the collection of diabetes information is an important part of Mobile Diabetic development efforts. Patients now have a simple way to send data to care providers using a standard blood glucose meter, a Bluetooth adapter, and a Java enabled mobile phone.


"The power of sending secure data over a mobile phone without patient interaction is important", stated Scott Luse, Founder of Mobile Diabetic. "We wanted to eliminate manual data entry and meter-to-pc cable downloads." CreatorBlue software communicates with a standard blood glucose meter using a Bluetooth adapter, eliminating the need for a serial cable connection. After receiving information from the meter CreatorBlue sends the data to a Web server for health monitoring by a physician.

Mobile Diabetic plans to use their product for more than just their own mDiabetic health Web services. "A key point is that our software can be configured to send meter readings to any data server depending on the care provider. Our software also uses persistent storage so patients can set preferences once and the data is saved on the phone."

All aspects of software installation and support are managed by Mobile Diabetic. "Our server uses over-the-air installation so patients can load CreatorBlue software directly onto their phone without external mobile software services and a signed certificate for authenticity."

Mobile Diabetic has no public release date for CreatorBlue at this time. "Our Bluetooth adapter is a custom device and needs to go through the Premarket Notification process with the United States Food and Drug Administration."

Mobile Diabetic provides a valuable resource of mobile health record management, monitoring, and reporting tools in efforts to assist diabetics manage and control their disease and lower the health care costs of uncontrolled diabetes. More company news is available in the VMW June 2004 article Mobile Diabetic creates automated data collection system for wireless blood glucose meters.

Leslie Versweyveld

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