InMed Diagnostic Services selects Aurora Breast MRI for the women of Cape Cod and Southeast Massachusetts

North Andover 08 June 2006InMed Diagnostic Services opens a state-of-the-art women's breast care centre offering appropriate patients an examination with the Aurora 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System with Bilateral UltraRODEO (Rotating Delivery of Excitation Off-Resonance).


"National statistics show Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts as having a higher incidence rate of breast cancer. In keeping with InMed's comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to breast care, we wanted the best technology for our patients and their physicians that truly differentiate us as a centre of excellence. We chose the Aurora System because we needed a dedicated, experienced technology partner that would help us meet the demands of our growing patient population", stated Bob Adams, President and CEO of InMed Diagnostic Services. "Radiologists will now have direct access to this cutting-edge technology which will improve patient care and expedite results for their patients."

"Breast cancer studies show that we are now curing breast cancer at a much higher rate than ever before", stated Dr. Martin Dinn, Medical Director of InMed Diagnostic Women's Centers on Cape Cod. "This is because of our dramatic advances in finding early and tiny tumours with our newest imaging technologies, including digital mammography and now, the Aurora Dedicated Breast MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) System. Finding these tumours at such a tiny size can mean cure rates that are as high as skin cancer in many cases. The Aurora breast MRI now allows us to check for any other tiny areas in either breast before surgery in a woman who has been found to have one known focus of cancer, thus allowing the surgeon to be aware of another focus in either breast that may not have been evident on her mammograms. The Aurora dedicated breast MRI permits us to image both breasts at the same time and to watch for any dynamic differences in either breast when a small volume of a contrast agent is injected in the woman's vein".

"We also use this Aurora MRI system to screen a woman with dense breasts who also has a close relative with breast cancer or she, herself, has previously been treated for breast cancer", stated Dr. Dinn. "The Aurora System is also useful in following women who are being treated by chemo or radiation therapy, in order to measure the shrinkage of a tumour. Another advantage to the Aurora System is that a woman who has breast implants with possible leaks can now easily be imaged to detect ruptures or leaks of her implants."

The Aurora 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System with Bilateral UltraRODEO is the first and only FDA cleared fully integrated MRI system designed specifically and exclusively to image the breast and optimized for breast imaging and interventional procedures. Some of the proprietary and distinguishing features of the Aurora System include a unique shimming of the magnet that changes the area of image uniformity to an ellipsoid, which provides the possibility of full image coverage of the breasts, the chest wall and out into the lymph nodes or axilla; a specially designed gradient coil with very high linearity or accuracy to meet the specific requirements of breast imaging; a patient-handling table that provides comfort for the patient and procedural utility; a fully integrated Interventional System for MRI guidance of biopsies and interventional therapy; and the user-friendly AuroraCAD computer-aided image display system designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of radiologic interpretations.

As a diagnostic tool, the Aurora System is ideal for a wide range of indications in breast disease management including, but not limited to:

  • Detecting or excluding the existence of cancer in higher risk women
  • Characterizing indeterminate clinical or mammographically detected abnormalities
  • Determining the extent of cancer for treatment planning
  • Detecting occult cancer
  • Evaluating patients for residual disease following surgery
  • Monitoring cancer response and the extent of residual disease after neo-adjuvant chemotherapy
  • Evaluating implant integrity and detecting cancer in women with breast augmentation

With locations in Norwell, Bourne and South Dennis, InMed Diagnostic Women's Centers are part of the InMed national network of imaging centres. InMed Diagnostic Services is a provider of diagnostic imaging services, owning and operating 9 multi-modality imaging centres in 3 states. InMed Diagnostic Services uses advanced imaging technologies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Digital Mammography, Breast MRI and Nuclear Medicine as well as X-Ray, General Radiography, Ultrasound and Bone Densitometry.

Aurora Imaging Technology Inc. is a private company based in North Andover, Massachusetts, committed to expanding the fight against breast cancer. The company is committed to the manufacture of the highest quality and most cost-effective breast MRI solutions in partnership with the United States' finest breast care centres to provide the ultimate in the detection, diagnosis, biopsy and treatment of breast cancer. The Aurora System is in clinical use at a growing number of leading breast care centres.

Leslie Versweyveld

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